TFM/Drilling Fluids Engineer

Last Updated: 14th August 2019 (over 3 years ago)

Trinidad and Tobago


Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Portuguese


 Making drilling fluid as per desired specification and condition.

 Recording of daily drilling fluid properties and communicating a daily report to the operator, Project Manager and all concerned officials.

 Well Planning and Well Profile design

 Ensuring that the drilling fluid or brine is prepared and tested in accordance with the guidelines given in the drilling fluid program and for making whatever alterations are required to ensure effective and efficient control and performance of the mud system.

Capability to prepare & maintain various drilling fluids as per need of bore hole, water based inhibitive mud system such as Lignite/Lignosulfonate KCL-K-lignite, low lime mud system, CL-CLS mud and polymer mud system like KCL-PHPA-PAC & KCL-PHPA-PAC-POLYOL, Non Damaging Drilling Fluid, Non-Particulate Polymer Salt Water MuD (NPPSW), Bara Dril N, BrineDril N, CaCl2 Brine, NaCl Brine, CaCl2/NaBr Brine, KCL Completion Fluid, Polymer Viscosified Salt Water(PVSW), LSND/CLAYSEAL, PETROFREE LE, GEM/KCl/Polymer, Workover and Completion Fluids, Wellbore Displacement, PETROFREE LE, ENCORE & SOBM, LCM Systems, Weighted and Un-weighted Systems.

 Riserless Drilling

 Proficiency in handling drilling chemicals.

 Adequate experience in drilling of High Pressure, High Temperature wells, directional well and high tech horizontal wells.

 Having good exposer of various down hole complication such as caving, mudloss, stuckpipe, sloughing, heaving, swabbing, surging, drag, torque, kicks, H2S gas etc.

 Successfully handle well killing operation by both drillers methods and wait and weight methods.

 Proficiency in handling drilling chemicals, well versed in fluid hydraulics, knowledge and understanding of solid control equipment.

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