E&IC Superintendent

Last Updated: 11th September 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Ankara, Turkey


Phone Number


Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Turkish


-Knowledge of E&IC specifications and theories, test, construction, commissioning structure, power control, circuit design, PCB, Matlab, PScad, Etap, PSS Sincal V12, Linux, C++, EWB, Acad, ScadA, PLC, DCS, HMI
-Extensive knowledge of stress analysis and application of electrical, and mechanical devices, engineering programming, protection switchyard & substation
-Management of time, risk, and troubleshooting, follow civil, structure and mechanical in conformance with plan, schedule, and cost estimate, comprehend the overall project
-Proficient in the ability to direct all supervision, possess a wide range of strong analytical and technical solutions, motivating and training a productive team, and thrives in high pressure and challenging working environments


Electrical&Electronics Engineer

   Sep 1991
— Jul 1997

Substation, power and transmission activities


Erdem Holding
E&IC Superintendent

   Aug 2015
— Mar 2018

- Review design require changes regarding to the Contract, IEC, IEEE, ANSI, NFPA and BS,
- Manage multidiscipline subcontractors, manpower, cost budget, quality, minimize system interference problems and conflicts between engineering and construction, mitigate plan accordingly
- Follow hazardous spec, ATEX, DSEAR, EPS and IEC 60079 regulations, participate FAT, SAT
- Commissioning electrical & mechanical equipments, valves, configure protection
- Synchronization to grid, Put in operation and Handover to the O&M when the systems in throughput

Deputy Manager

   Jan 2013
— Aug 2015

- Verify design according to the international standards, find out discrepancies and conflicts to optimize for operability, safety, accessibility, maintainability, cost effective construction features, trade-off situations
- Manage owner’s and main contractor’s teams, commissioning associated with testing of plant, 420 kV switchyard, overhead line, synchronization, transformer, Control, protection
- MHS (Coal, Heller, Ash, Limestone, S&R), Flue gas cleaning, dry cooling water, BOP
- 3 SST-900RH, SST-900 IP/LP, each 150 MW, Excitation system, AVR, bearing vibration and shaft monitoring, steam valves, surface treatment, DCS, tube leak detection, maintainability sustainability, reliability, performance tests, 3 circulating fluidized bed combustion CFBC units with subcritical steam system, each generation 436 t/h steam at 538 °C and 160 bar

ENKA Const. & Ind. Inc. – BECHTEL Group Inc. J.V.

   Jan 2012
— Jan 2013

- Coordinate mechanical, electrical and plumbing layouts, implement to the structure and architectural drawings, check site applications at PTB and Piers

GAMA Power & GE International Inc. (GEII) J.V.
E&IC Superintendent

   Aug 2010
— Jan 2012

- Supervise construction and commissioning 109 FA single shaft power plant, two GE 9FA gas turbine, one GE D10 steam turbine, one GE 390H generator
- HRSG, BOP, excitation system, AVR, gas compressor station, grid connection, synchronization to grid 500 kV power generation control and instrumentation construction, commissioning

ENKA Const. & Ind. Inc. – BECHTEL Group Inc. J.V.
E&IC Superintendent

   Feb 2004
— Jul 2010

- Supervise EC&I installation on the crude include for inlet separation, crude desalting, crude stabilization, gas compression and condensate stabilization
- Gas processing included high-pressure sour gas, upstream removal of condensed liquids and removal of the saturated outlet vapor stream plus a molecular sieve unit for removal of water, EC&I test and Precommissioning on the power generation included a gas turbine with two GE Frame 9E generators, each 123 MW, including electrical, control and instrumentation equipment
- Pre-commissioning on two supplementary-fired Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) each generating 450 t/h steam at 370 °C and 72 bars, gas turbine exhaust gas and full supplementary firing, 110 kV electric switchyard, a combined substation, control building DCS for the entire SGP facility while the substation contained the main power distribution equipment
- Manage multidiscipline team, schedule, budget and quality work with design, spec and the contract requirements as well as participation in acceptance with related standards

Rumeli Holding
E&IC Engineer

   May 1998
— Feb 2004

- Supervise Rotor & Stator assembling, Test & Commissioning of turbines designed by turbine provider, Verify Butterfly inlet valves and generators, DCS of power house draining system including design
- Commissioning HV primary & secondary, control, protection, metering, design, 154 kV substation, and Supervise Electrical erection, functionally tested according to operational requirements
- Involve SAT, design meeting, scope of work for subcontractors related to E&IC’s, developed an overall operation, follow up to be ensure implementation of recommendations and updating of procedures, synchronization
- Supervise Restore existing systems to high productivity through renovation, upgrade and tune up, Analyze and evaluate vendor’s qualifications and submitted bids in respect of contract’s requirements, Coordinate labor and production, safety standards, briefings, protective equipment, operation practices

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