Roads&infrastructure engineer

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Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


Highway/Urban Roads Design, supervision and Construction
Storm water , Sewer supervision and Construction
Material , QA/QC Engineering
Quantity surveying


Mansoura university
civil engineering

   Oct 1995
— Aug 2000

grade: good


SR roads Engineer

   May 2014
— Jun 2017

Program Studies, Design and Supervision of MOH Projects (Infrastructures) Client Ministry of Housing - KSA

Project Value 338 Million SR Contractor Freyssinet Saudi Arabia (FSA)
Key Responsibilities:
• Supports the review and checks of highway and roads designs including BOQ checks and reviews and/or prepares responses to RFIs for assigned design and construction projects.

• Oversees the preparation and review of design, quantities, specifications and tender documents - Preparation of Value Engineering, Design Review
• Develops, reviews, and signs reports and contract documents in accordance with company policy.
• Check of Designs and manages projects including parking, site planning & development, grading, pedestrian, route corridors, and integrated land use/transportation planning.
• Prepares and manages preparation of high quality project deliverables, including print documentation and presentations.
• Coordinates with multidisciplinary teams, team leading and client and Prepares progress reports to clients
• Plans, assigns, supervises, mentors, and develops project staff.
• Full awareness of testing requirements.
• Check material submissions and properly process approvals.
• Visit factories to ensure proper manufacture and testing of materials produced.
• Ensure materials delivered are as approved and are properly stored.

AFM Consultants group
SR infrastructure engineer

   May 2009
— Apr 2014

ID Project Contract Value, SR Client
1 Studies, designs and tenders making for municipal projects of the Provinces of Jeddah. 19,000,000 Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs – (Jeddah – KSA)
2 Roads design in central services zones of Jeddah Province sub municipalities 9,000,000 Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs - (Jeddah – KSA)
Key Responsibilities:
• Urban Roads networks design and its details of Interchanges, roundabouts , At- Grade intersections
• Integrate Road Networks with Water, Sewerage, and Drainage Networks for 15 Jeddah Province sub municipalities’ projects.
• Developing BOQ, tender documents
• Provide Technical Support to Holy Mecca Municipality

Haif Contracting co.

   Jul 2007
— Feb 2009

Project Contract Value, SR Client consultant
Agricultural roads in Jazan area -group 11- (130 km long) 38.9 million Ministry of Transport (Jazan – KSA) ITAL CONSULT

Key Responsibilities:
• Ensure on-schedule, plan the requirement of resources from time to time based on the workload, completion within or below budget in accordance with contractual obligations.
• Controlling the site supervisors and the work force in day-to-day activities.
• Execute the 130 Km roads.
• Having all sit responsibilities (planning, material orders, execution, supervisor, Monitoring quality and progress of constructed works).
• Monitoring the performance of sub-contractors to ensure the respect of work's standards, specifications and Assuring that the environment, health & safety procedures and rules are respected.
• Continually ensuring that practices, policies, strategy and services represent the client's best interests and that company policy is in keeping with current legislation and Codes of Practice.
• Reviewing and inspecting all equipment and materials delivered to the site and maintaining the records of all the QA/QC documents and reports.

Arabian technical contracting co.

   Mar 2002
— Apr 2007

ID Project Contract Value, SR Client Location
1 Dualization Salwa / Al Bat'ha Highway (Part 4 - 54 km long) 55,000,000 Ministry of Transport (Riyadh – KSA)
2 Buraydah roads project 10,000,000 Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (Qassim – KSA)
3 Uyun Al Jawa storm water project 6,000,000 Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (Qassim – KSA)
4 Al Bukayriyah Asphalting roads 11,000,000 Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (Qassim – KSA)
5 Al Mithnab Sewer network 10,000,000 Ministry of water & electricity (Qassim – KSA)
Key Responsibilities:
• Manage Executing dualization the road between Salwa (the gate of KSA WITH Qatar) to Al Batha ( the gate of KSA with UAE ) 54 km long including Embankment , 1m diameter pipe culverts,30cm sub grade ,20cm ABC ,10cm BBC,5cm WBC ,Traffic painting, cat eyes and signboards
• Manage production station that contains asphalt plant and two crushers for asphalt layers and aggregate base required in the project.
• Handing over Road to MOT checking asphalt ,aggregate base course ,sub grade and embankment compaction thickness and bitumen content
• Review and supervise shop drawings of the project.
• execute Urban Roads collectors and locals roads in Buraydah , Al Bukayriyah cities
• Execute all civil works including roads, culverts, ripraps, open channels, street lightening, sign boards, gantry, sidewalks, curbs, hard, soft landscape, milling and asphalt maintenance.
• Monitoring the performance of sub-contractors to ensure the respect of work's standards, specifications and Assuring that the environment, health & safety procedures

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