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Iran, Islamic Republic of


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35 to 44

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English, Farsi


small selection of my key projects and accomplishments includes:
Managed Angat multipurpose scheme project, supervising construction design and detailed drawings.
Headed construction works and quality control operations at Rudbar dam and hydro power plant.
Directed drilling/grouting operations, material testing, and instrument installation at Khairabad Dam.


Poyry Energy
Resident Dam Engineer

   Oct 2016
— Current

Angat Multipurpose Scheme
Organisation Name: Poyry Energy Inc. ( Location: Manila, Philippines ( Period: 2016 to Present ( Project Scope: Dam and Dykes with 131m height; construction design drawings and detailed drawings.
Reviewed design drawings, method statements, bill of quantity, and approval of as-built drawings.
Oversaw HSE issues, installation instruments, excavated trenches, geology study, and QA/QC procedures.
Formulated and communicated progress reports with client for the decision-making process.
Ensured seamless project operations by aligning all activities with construction schedule.
Attended co-ordination meetings to discuss impeding issues and develop corrective strategies.
Mainteind high quality standards for completing the project and conformed to original scheduled target, additionally, received recognition by clients as a “Great Engineer”.

Sakoo Consulting Engineers
Senior Getechnical Engineer

   Mar 2008
— Sep 2016

Construction Works and Quality Control at Rudbar Dam and Hydro Power Plant
Organisation Name: Sakoo Consulting Engineers Company ( Location: Aligudarz, Iran ( Period: 2011 to 2016 ( Project Scope: Earth Core Rockfil Dam (ECRD) with 156m height and power house with 450MW.
Directed all aspects of drilling and grouting as well as technician/engineering works.
Analysed and approved geotechnical maps, method statements, construction works, and technical drawings.
Evaluated dam behaviour during construction work and bearing capacity for pier supports and anchor blocks.
Leveraged valuable insights into prevalent geological and geotechnical situation of the site and recalibrated the original design drawings, saving €200K for the project.
Construction Works and Quality Control at Siah bisheh Dams and Hydro Power Plant
Organisation Name: Sakoo Consulting Engineers Company ( Location: Siah Bisheh, Iran ( Period: 2008 to 2011 ( Project Scope: Dams and pump storage power house plant with 85m and 104m height, generating 1000MW
Spearheaded construction works, technical teams, and drilling/grounding operations.
Reduced additional costs by analysing and administering bill of quantity.
Ensured quality within each aspect of construction through detailed quality control across required material.
Evaluated and authenticated as-built drawings to provide critical information to engineers.
Achieved LU≤2 in WPT in the 93% stages where before grouting the lugeon was close to 100 by revising the method statement as per new flowchart and by managing the after-grouting for evaluation workability, drilling the grouting three boreholes with depth 77m with pressure tests in intervals 5m.

Pooyab Consulting Engineers
Senior Getechnical Engineer

   Mar 2005
— Feb 2008

Construction Works and Quality Control at Khairabad Dam
Organisation Name: Pooyab Consulting Engineers Company ( Location: Nickshar, Iran ( Period: 2005 to 2008 ( Project Scope: Khairabad Dam with 50m height and a cut-off wall with length 300m and depth 50m respectively
Headed drilling/grouting operations, material testing, instrument installation, and cut-off wall.
Steered a team of technicians and engineers with an aim to complete all tasks within time.
Researched regarding the plastic concrete, identifying a new plastic concrete with more plasticity than normal plastic concrete, increased strength against earthquakes, and crack repairability.

Paykar azma
Head of dam labratory

   Mar 2004
— Feb 2005

Soil Mechanic and Concrete Laboratory at Chah Nimeh 4 (Zabol Dam)
Organisation Name: Peykar Azma Consulting Engineers Company ( Location: Zabol, Iran ( Period: 2004 to 2005 ( Project Scope: Earth dam with 15 km length and 15m height
Oversaw and guided management team on surface and subsurface exploration.
Supervised in-situ, laboratory, as well as standard- and cone-penetration tests to measure soil properties.

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