Sr. Project Manager, Project Controls Manager (Transmission & HV Substations Underground Cables) (EPCC, Utility)

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35 to 44

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Arabic, English


Sr. Project Manager & Project Controls manager (17 years exp.) in Overhead Transmission Lines, Underground Cables and Substations ( GIS, AIS) ( Engineering Procurement Construction Commissioning and Maintenance).
I have managed more than 50 EPCC Electrical projects as a direct project manager, and as projects manager for multiple projects in several regions and cities at the same time.
My responsibility as a Projects Manager is to deal with the following:

• Creating Opportunities:
By continuous study for the customer needs and future forecast and the competitors’ movements, I put studies to enhance our services to gain the costumer trust and to create new opportunities to my company.
• Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
Trying to gain customer loyalty by seeking their needs and commitment to deliver the high quality services in time.
• Tendering
Studying tenders and preparing offers and suggestions and negotiating with the client to win the contracts.
• Relationships
I have a Long term relationship with the key customers across the country to stay close to the Electricity market

• Company Strategy
Understanding my company strategy and my stake holders needs to be all inline to achieve our goals.
• Information
Keeping all my stakeholders and higher management informed with all the necessary updated information related to projects execution and the Profit and Loss studies and the market studies on daily or weekly or monthly bases as needed.

As a projects manager I deal directly with my project managers, and as a project manager I deal directly with my departments leads, leading them training them and support them and track their progress and support their efforts, forecasting the projects needs and risks to insure the smooth execution of the projects.

In most projects we award the projects to subcontractors, my duty is to identify the needs, the subcontractor level, preparing the tenders, studying offers, technical evaluation for the subcontractors, site visit for their companies and projects to ensure their eligibility to perform the job, studying the commercial offer and negotiate with the winners.
Setting Interface Management System to the subcontractors and the management and the client, and setting the responsibility matrix and make the subcontractors understand clearly the contract and our and client requirements and establishing a periodic meeting with the subcontractors to track their progress and performance and to expedite any issues.

Expedite the process of importing the procured material and the port clearance , land shipping , local routines , passing through the territories smoothly and legally in time and cost ,correct save for material and timing the material with the execution.

I usually contact the local authorities to provide all the legal requirements to start and complete the projects (Land, road crossing, intersection with others, excavation, legalization, security clearance… etc.), solving their issues, providing solutions, opening new opportunities, enhancing the company reputation by performing some social simple activities to enhance the environment, and keep in touch to make sure no obstacles with the local authorities during the project execution.

Dealing with local people and tribes to insure the smoothness of the execution, solving some of their problems like assigning some of them with the subcontractors, supporting some small charity projects like orphans support or any other small actions which has a big impact of the locals acceptance to us, and providing them the information about the importance of our projects to enhance their quality of live.

My Responsibilities as a direct project manager:
My projects represented a very big challenge because some of them was in a very difficult security situations, and should be delivered in time and cost with highest quality, I was involved in all the turnkey projects stages including:
I was involved in some of the projects in the Front End Engineering Design such as the site’s size or location, difficult ground conditions, or urban surroundings call for a particular substation solution, short construction periods, difficult site accessibility, or existing installations with the need for special outage planning.
• Engineering Design
all studies needed for the construction of a high-voltage substation, including earthing, short-circuit, thermal, and mechanical calculations, power systems, steel structures, civil engineering, fire precautions, protection of the environment, and control systems.
• Procurement
All the designed materials are listed and divided according to several considerations such as lead time to give priority to it, and prepare a plan for the procurement to be the base for the construction, which material can be purchased from local market, the costs of each material to match with the cash flow and to predict the global market prices forecast, several test for each equipment during the procurement from raw material check, and factory evaluation, and Type test if required and Factory acceptance test then received at site test.
• Construction
Preparing a very strong plan using Primavera to have a clear vision for the construction, constructability meeting with all involved staff to prepare an overall risk assessment, the resources needed for every stage, assigning, training and leading the construction activities according to the highest HSE and Quality requirements.
• Completion and Commissioning and Handover
All the required tests for the Systems Completion, and all the pre-commissioning tests and Commissioning with strong and organized paper works for the Handover.
• Quality and HSE
The quality and the safety are the most important goals of each project, the quality involved in each stage from engineering design to procurement to the construction to meet the highest standards, during the construction, a risk assessment for each step to prevent any accident and the HSE rules are followed in details and I check it daily with the HSE teams to insure all the HSE precautions are taken seriously from all the staff.
Besides that:
1. I have Diploma in Project Management
2. Diploma in Costumer Service Management and can guaranty the customer satisfaction.
3. Diploma in Supply Chain Management.
4. Certified Professional Business Negotiator.
5. Expert in Primavera P6 and I can prepare a very detailed schedule to manage all the details of the project.
6. Open to travel around the world as long as needed without any restrictions and ready to relocation.
7. High experience in dealing with the international staffs and dealing with Siemens company and its partners.
8. Excellent experience in Change Management.
9. Excellent experience in the import process and the ports to expedite the delivery of the shipment to the site in time.

Computer Skills:
1. Microsoft Office
2. MS Project
3. Primavera P6
5. CAD


Diploma in Project Management

   Jan 2014
— Jun 2014

Certified Professional Negotiator

   Feb 2013
— Apr 2013

University OF Basrah
B. Sc. Electrical Engineering

   Oct 1996
— Jul 2001


SB Electric
Sr. Projects Manager

   May 2010
— Current

I am a Senior Projects Manager of OHTL’s and Substations in SB Electric, I have managed more than 40 (132KV, 33KV, 11KV and LV) projects with OPGW networks many of them was a special design, and many Transmission and Distribution maintenance projects, my duty is:

In the Bid stage, my duty is to put a detailed level4 cost loaded plan using Primavera P6 with all detailed resources and equipment and risk assessment, after that I make a constructability meeting to determine preparations needed to start, after that I submit the detailed costs to the contracts department.

In the Front End Engineering Design, if there is an intention to deal with a subcontractor, then my duty is managing and supervising the initial details of the durations and the quantities and the topographic survey and drawings and standards and conditions required to prepare the tender.

Selection, verification, negotiation, interface management, responsibility matrix, technical support, HSE and Quality assurance, systems completion, turnover and handover.

In the engineering stage, my duty is to put the plan for my staff to provide all the required information like the Topographic Survey and Geotechnical investigation and Line route and Corridor obstacles and Wind speed and Electrical criteria ...etc.
After that I produce a list of deliverables to the Designers to submit, and checking all the design calculations and drawings.

After the completion of the Engineering, The Engineering submit the MTO (Material Take off), my duty is to check the brands and the manufacturers to meet the target prices and quality and delivery time with the procurement department and producing the ROS (Required On Site) Schedule, and meet the manufacturers to set the priority of the materials and shipments and the tests and certificates required to guaranty the continuity and smoothness during the construction stage.

During the construction the first step in my work is to have a clear vision of all the requirements to the end of the project, my duty is to set the detailed plan to my engineers to what to do and how they will do it what they need to do it.
In the foundations of the towers, we should determine if we will go to piling or raft foundation, Stubs should be completed to start the foundation, that’s why I should have an agreement with the manufacturer of the towers to produce the legs first, after the start of the foundation activities, my duty is to manage the large number of resources and equipment in many locations along the corridor, dealing with the locals and negotiating the local authorities to remove any obstacles during the execution, my point of strength is my ability deal with many projects and construction points in the same time which reduce the time and cost of the project, evaluating the performance of each resource and motivate the staff to achieve our challenge.
During the assembly of the towers and stringing, the highest safety preparations to insure zero accident, according to the size of the tower and the environment of the corridor, I make my decision of how to assemble the tower and how to lift it.
The stringing is another challenge especially inside the neighborhoods if the towers are large, my duty is to manage multi stringing points without accidents to complete the job quickly.

Before the Commissioning, my duty is to make sure that all the tests and system completion is done and all the protections are activated before the commissioning and the startup.

In the maintenance projects, my duty is to move with my team fast to determine the defects and isolate the network, then open the section if required and towers assembly or any required action is applied, my key of strength is the fast motion and day-night continuous working and the precise solutions with the most cost effective ways.

Name of the project Contract amount
EPCC 11KV Line For British Petroleum USD 15,000,000
EPCC 33KV and 11KV lines For Exxon Mobil USD 25,000,000
EPCC 33KV/11KV Substations for Perini Corporation USD 25,000,000
33KV S/C OHTL from Alammara old station(132/33/11)KV to Alqalaa station (33/11)kv USD 1,200,000
33KV D/C (underground+ OHTL) from Aboflwos station(132/33/11)KV to Aboalkhaseeb station (33/11)KV USD 2,925,600
33KV D/C OHTL Alhartha old station and Almajdia station (132/33/11)KV to Alhartha2 station (33/11)KV USD 2,498,560
33KV D/C OHTL to Alshatrah and closer area
33KV D/C OHTL in Alriffaai district and
33KV D/C (underground+ OHTL) from Alammara old station(132/33/11)KV to Alsalam station (33/11)KV USD 6,380,000
33KV D/C (underground cables + OHTL) from Aboflwos station(132/33/11)KV to Aboalkhaseeb station (33/11)KV USD 2,758,000
132KV OHTL from CGS7 station (132/33/11)kv to Alhamdawe station (132/33/11)kv USD 1,476,000
33KV D/C & S/C ( OHTL+ underground cables ) in Thiqar and Almuthna cities USD 10,030,019,664
33KV D/C & S/C OHTL from CGS7 station(132/33/11)kv to Almudinah & Abogreeb Stations (33/11)kv
33KV D/C OHTL from Alkhather station(132/33/11)KV to Alkarmaa
33KV D/C OHTL from Alammara old station(132/33/11)KV to Almaymona station(33/11)KV USD 3,300,000

Project Controls Manager

   Feb 2007
— Mar 2010

I was a project controls Manager for IGCC Group the company is specialist in Electrical and Instrumentation and Civil Construction in the Oil and Gas sector, OHTL and underground Cables Electrical wiring and Substations, my duty is Managing and overseeing project controls for engineering and construction projects. Responsible for project planning and scheduling, cost estimating and monitoring, and quality review. Managing project controls personnel. Establishing operating policies to mitigate risk. Providing guidance and consultation for project managers.

Construction Manager

   Sep 2006
— Dec 2006

I have worked as an Construction in the Jordanian company JURMAT Group in 2006, in five 133/33 SIEMENS substations construction for the Oil Facilities in Rumaila in Basra. My duty was Managing the construction of the substations.

Projects Management and Supervision

   Jul 2004
— Aug 2005

I have worked in the American corporation PERINI( Perini Management Services, Inc. (PMSI) specializes in markets that require exceptional construction management and logistical skills). in (2004-2005) as a Project Management and Supervision for construction and pre-commissioning and commissioning of 25 million Dollar project in two cities five Electric 33/11KV ABB substations in Basra and three 33/11KV SCHNEIDER electric substations in Thi-qar, my duty was managing and supervising the construction of the substations, making all the tests and making daily report about the work flow, these substations were recognized by the US inspectors generals report commending the best quality and managed projects in Iraq.

Electrical Supervisor

   Jan 2004
— Jul 2004

I have worked as an Electrical Supervisor and Inspector in 2004 in the American Company TURNER, my duty was supervising and inspecting the electrical work in the buildings.

Business Development Manager

   Mar 2002
— Apr 2003

I was worked as a Business Development Manager with the Handal Group in (2002-2003) working with South Oil Company to provide them the technical equipment that needed in the oil industry and other duty was introducing the company to the government institutes and the other private sector companies that already won contracts and needs partners and any other probable costumers, and searching for the tenders ,and studying them ,making solutions, estimating the damages of the equipment, making suggestions , and preparing technical and commercial offers, and managing the logistics operations.

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