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Last Updated: 25th September 2017 (over 5 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


Mechanical Engineer with 11+ years of training in varied industries, including maintenance and technical environment. Hardworking, enthusiastic and results-oriented mechanical engineer with a hands-on approach to tackling projects and accomplishments, and offering robust qualifications in engineering, continuous process improvements and human relations.


Prince Mohammad ben Fahd University
B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering

   Sep 2011
— Jan 2016

Jubail Industrial College
An associate diploma in manufacturing engineering technology

   Sep 2001
— May 2005


BAE Systems
Mechanical Instructor

   Feb 2015
— Aug 2016

Mechanical Instructor, Teaching and training the new RASF cadets the mechanical principles, which is City and Guilds level 3, and preparing them for on job training level. This involves theoretical lecturing as well as hands on. Main duties are preparing lectures plan, demonstration parts with details, and evaluating students. Communication, leadership, and team work are required skills.

BAE Systems
Jet Engine specialist

   Jun 2007
— Feb 2015

Hawk Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance Technician Trainer, providing on job training for new entries for overhauling Adour MK 861 jet engines and training them to use Rolls-Royce and RSAF manuals. Overhauling certain modules of Adour engines and Terbo-Meca Gas Turbine Starters and retaining them in serviceability condition. Installing and uninstalling Adour engines in test facility. Assist Rolls-Royce team in recovery investigation engines. Working in a healthy and safe environment under Military and Commercial Airworthiness (M&CA) standards, Maintenance Error Management System (MEMS) and Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA).

Al Ajmei
Plant Operator

   Nov 2005
— Jun 2007

Asphalt Plant Operator, providing operation support to meet the daily production target and to meet customers' demands and that involved following a strictly production schedule. Adjusting the asphalt batches specifications upon customers request and desire, which was achieved via cooperation with the laboratory. Monitoring the plant health monitor system in order to maintain the stability of production and to prevent any mechanical failures. The position required very good communication, problems solving and organizational skills.

Al Hoty Stangar

   Dec 2004
— May 2005

Metallurgy Department trainee, It was a part of the diploma programme co-operation. I worked for 15 weeks in the metallurgy department getting trained on how to use the non-destructive testing method such as liquid penetration, ultra sonic, and radiography. It was also involved using other material testing methods and preparing samples to be used on the toughness impact tool and hardness tool.