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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Russian


I am very good at overseeing a situation to the extent that I am able to take in the bigger picture yet can simultaneously remain focused on the detail. It is a skill I have honed over the past 20 years within the oil and gas sector and where I have gained the maturity to provide support to all contractors and staff.

Long term plans and requirements are so important in this sort of environment so it is vital these are taken into consideration when dealing with budgets, contracts or clients. Being such a volatile industry also means that having a steady and calm individual who is professional and focused really helps. That is where I come in with my keen understanding of business priorities and my commitment to managing operations and projects.

I am looking for a position with preference for the Middle East or Africa, though I am open to other locations throughout the world. Additionally I am able to pick up new skills and adapt to ever-changing situations easily, turning my hand to pretty much anything that is thrown at me. I am constantly striving for excellence and would love to see what I could do for you and your organisation. Please contact me at alexander.troitskiy at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Associated ASCM member
CSCP Designation

   Oct 2018
— Current

Ongoing (APICS ID 2119067)

Various courses
Trainings certificates

   Nov 1997
— Jan 2020

● Strategic Contract Management (2019)
● HAZOP, HAZID & Safety Case, Warrington, UK (2012)
● HSEQ for Managers, Vienna, Austria (2010)
● Oil Spill Recovery Equipment & Safety Enhancement Practices, Southampton / London, UK (2010)
● Shore Line Oil Spill Response & Incident Management, Southampton, UK (2010)
● Budgeting, Cost Control & Financial Management (2010)
● Contract Administration & Advanced Contract Management, Dubai, UAE (2009)
● Stock & Supply Management & Warehouse Logistics, Ernst & Young (2006)
● Various training such as Field Operations, CPR, First Aid, Work Authorization & Work Permits, Simultaneous Operations, Safety & Labor Protection, International Maritime Organization (IMO) Level 1, Recruitment, Managing Conflict, Radiation Safety & Radiation Control and Safety Leadership & Coaching for Performance

Aktau State University, Kazakhstan
BSc in Petroleum Engineering

   Sep 1995
— Aug 2002


Supply Chain & Logistics Manager (field based)

   Aug 2008
— Current

● Ownership for operational management leading logistics and supply chain activities
● Primarily focusing on the management of contracts, spending and keeping communication channels open and transparent with contractors and all departments for a global oil and gas company.
● Managing relationship and partnership with Kazakhstan, international oil and gas vendors and services providers with the aim of performance improvement.
● Ensuring all staff perform to their optimum level and possess the correct tools and skills for set tasks
● Cultivating productive and successful working relations with clients by keeping common interests and requirements at the centre of each project
● Instrumental in creating and implementing company procedures and policies with in-depth experience and the confidence to adjust them for local markets and the local environment
● Overseeing category management within the supply chain to ensure the implementation of a cost-effective function using market analysis and forecasting processes
● Monitoring supplier performance and engaging with suppliers to improve on performance resulting 5% reduction in claims and 2% price reduction each contract year
● Managing 3rd party contracts to ensure the best commercial interests of the company on both a short long term bases
● Solely responsible for the recruitment lifecycle at start of tenure as well as setting up / reviewing contracts.
● Demonstrating persuasive and logical qualities to convince Head Office of the need for a team of 18 multinational personnel in order to achieve targets and complete projects to deadline
● Motivating the team to work as one cohesive unit by overseeing appraisal, bespoke training and development of individuals
● Updating Head Office with costings, HSE, contractual and operational activities
● Remaining mindful of the safety of personnel, operations and installations including safety drills and training of staff as well as overseeing the comprehensive maintenance of site equipment

● Budget targets have been achieved 7 years in a row. High value single responsibility for €3m annual budget
● Reducing material stock by 30% and improving EBIT by 25%
● Reduced headcount by 35% making savings of 30% while increasing operational output.
● Implemented SAP integration project in regards to MM module for the 6 months period in 2015

M-I SWACO Drilling Fluids International
Drilling Fluids Project Manager

   Aug 2007
— Aug 2008

● Responsible for Caspian projects
● Customer relationship management services, project & commercial management, for international Oil and Gas operators located in Caspian
● Managing 4 contracts
● Coordinate personnel and provides guidance to achieve project goals (100+ suppliers)
● Monitor performance data and recommend ways to optimize performance.
● Manage all project reporting

LLP Arman JV (Shell & Lukoil)
Materials Manager

   Nov 2002
— Aug 2007

● Accountable for approval and control of purchasing activities, selection and negotiation with approved vendors.
● Role accountable to lead the procurement of materials, components, supplies and services. Led and performed strategic planning for matters regarding procurement, logistics and material management to support exploration drilling programs and further oil field development phase.
● Responsible for all the material receipts and issues for the Arman oilfield
● Responsible for well-timed and qualitative placing of orders.
● Responsible for coordinating the procurement of materials, components, supplies and services essential to the area of responsibility.
● Responsible for the approval and control of purchasing activities
● Selection and negotiation with approved vendors.
● Work directly with company’s freight forwarder in the USA and main company’s vendors.
● Reviewing incoming orders to ensure the proper parts are available when needed.
● Identifying, locating and evaluating alternate sources of supply to facilitate cost competitiveness.
● Maintain the activities connected to on time and correct delivery of required materials, track all orders placed.
● Maintain inventory control system & material database to facilitate good forecasting and reasonable inventory levels.
● Responsible for hazardous materials, dangerous goods, laboratory chemicals, bagged and drummed chemicals storage in accordance with company best HSE practices.
● Responsible for critical materials/equipment orders/stock – drilling equipment; ESP pumps, equipment and spares; etc.
● Maintain status and periodic reporting.
● Assisting in planning, organizing and coordinating operations activities in accordance with budgetary requirements.
● Company authorized materials person during annual inventory audits conducted by independent auditing companies.
● Maintain file management system (field purchase requisitions, purchase orders, cargo manifests, material transfers, consumption history, MSDS, etc.).
● Carry out the analysis of costs and WHSE stock when requested.
● Carry out tasks of confidential character and special projects, as assigned.

● Implemented detailed guidelines and procedures for warehouse and materials management
● Established direct contracts with the USA main company’s vendors and freight forwarder

Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corporation & Oryx Energy Company
Various operational roles – offshore and onshore

   Feb 1997
— Nov 2002

Warehouse Manager, Central Production Engineer, Field Operator, Drilling Manager Assistant, Administrator and Interpreter – onshore & offshore, Kazakhstan

● Central Production Facility Engineer, Field Operator at Arman oil field: work at oil field production facilities such as heater-treater, FWKO, desalter, glycol unit, gas compressor, air compressor, gas turbine generator, gas scrubber, LACT unit, different type pumps as HP water injection pumps, sump pumps, recirculating pumps, etc. Took part in drilling and formation hydrofracturing operations; close work and communication with ESP specialists.
● Field Interpreter: Drilling, hydrofracturing operations – worked with Halliburton specialists, worked as an Interpreter during drilling operations; well services – worked with WO & WS specialists, electrical – worked with solar turbine specialists. Learned the process of drilling; know the functions of drilling muds, the purpose of drilling equipment. Gained understanding of the process of formation hydrofracturing intervention while working with Halliburton specialists during the hydrofrac operations.
● Administrator at Arman oil field (Mangystau region). Responsible for variable administrative work - making & submitting weekly reports to the Field Managers & General Directors. Reporting for Finance Office and recording of the field equipment operating data. Work as a liaison between the American and local Field Managers.

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