Logistics / Materials Supervisor / Superintendent / Manager

Last Updated: 27th February 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Russian


I have 16 years of experience in Logistics, Materials Management, Inventory Control, Material Handling, Procurement and Supply Chain, Planning and Warehousing to support onshore and offshore Drilling, Completion and Construction operations for Oil and Gas industry to meet timely delivery of required materials. Operational knowledge of drilling and completion process, materials and equipment. Operational experience managing Supply base with required materials and equipment as well as associated personnel. In charge of vessels planning for materials delivery to offshore rigs. Master`s degree qualified. Fluent English.


Siberian State Univesity
Masters degree in International Business and Logistics

   Jun 1996
— Aug 2001


ZADCO (Zakum development Company)
Materials operations Team Leader

   Aug 2011
— Dec 2017

• Logistics support of Drilling, WorkOver, Completion and Constructions operations with required Drilling, Completion materials and equipment for offshore Artificial Island operations and Jack-up Rigs fleet. Make sure all materials arrive on site on time and in the correct quantities and proper required quality to avoid any downtime or shutdown.
• Managing the main Supply base to support Onshore and Offshore Drilling operations.
• Organize and control work of the company’s warehouses / pipe yards section to ensure effective organization of the materials, inventory provision and storage for the performance of economical-production operations. Responsible for safe storage of materials.
• Following the Drilling Program requirements for Drilling and Completion operations to ensure the correct equipment will reach locations at the right time with the correct quantity and quality as per Drilling division requirements.
• Arranging shipments by sea (Supply vessels and Landing Crafts), land and air. Following Marine plans for changing locations for offshore Jack-up rigs, Platforms and Barges.
• Management of bulk shipments, as well as different types of vessel management. Liaison with vessel masters. Coordination on/off hire of vessels. Conducting meetings with Marine group.
• Involved in Lifting Operations on daily basis. Working with Cranes, Forklifts. Familiar with safety standards and operational requirements for Cranes and Forklifts including certification and permits as well as Lifting standards and procedures including the color coding practice, safe working loads and usage of cargo carrying units in offshore operations.
• Maintain inventory for all company owned and rental materials, ensure efficient turnaround of equipment in a cost-effective manner.
• Optimization of design and layout of warehouse and yard areas for most efficient and effective storage, handling and flow of materials.
• General management of the warehouse operations on the inventory control, receiving, storage, issue, equipment allocation and preservation. Managing the development and measures on the warehouse operations performance efficiency improvement and inventory storage. Supervision of development and implementation of materials resources utilization effectiveness increase actions, reduction of costs for the transportation and storage, expenditure control system improvement. Liaison with Purchasing department for timely equipment delivery as per planning program.
• Managing the team of stock controllers to make sure the stock counts are up to date without any deficiencies, ensuring accurate posting of all stock transactions. Preparation of annual budget and follow up of effective budget expenditures.
• Managing vendors and suppliers for all required materials and equipment. Arranging QA/QC inspections of all incoming items.
• Following the Waste Management procedures and protocols.
• Plan and take necessary actions concerning design and layout of new Offices, Warehouses, Equipment yards and open space for equipment storage, as well as renewal of lease agreements on time.
• Super user of MAXIMO materials management system.
• Have experience working on offshore platform replacing Offshore Logistics Supervisor.
• Participate in training and development of programs for UAE nationals.
• Participating in recruitment and interview of personnel. Performing of Appraisal of personnel.
• Acting on behalf of Drilling Logistics Base Manager during leaves.

Logistics Supervisor

   Aug 2008
— Aug 2011

• Logistics support of Drilling, WorkOver, Completion and Constructions operations with required materials and equipment. Make sure all materials arrive on site on time. Requesting required well materials, equipment and services according to Drilling & Completion programs.
• Management of Drilling warehouse and Supply Base in order to support Drilling, Completion, Work Over and Production activities, including inventory control.
• Tracking of issues, receipts, inspections, material identification, storage, preservation, shipping, transfers of materials between storage locations and Rig sites (including drill bits, casing, casing accessories, completion equipment, wellhead equipment and X-mas trees). Discovering shortages and surplus. PO status tracking, including customs clearance, scheduling.
• Maintaining and control of minimum–maximum stock requirements. Cargo inspection upon arrival and dispatch. Originating and managing Requisitions for Refinery Plant spares.
• Check of equipment from suppliers, supervision of equipment assembling, manufacturing processes for drilling related equipment. QA/QC control.
• Looking after transportation of the company equipment and materials from their places of production or purchase, to their place of installation at the field facilities concerned.
• Participating in meetings with vendors, suppliers and contractors. Managing service contracts.
• Cost control calculations for every well (including materials, manpower, contractor services).
• Forecasting and tracking of fuel and water requirements for delivery to field locations (drilling/production/camp operations).
• Managing Supply Base/Yard operations.
• Preparation of Logistics Plans and Logistics Procedures, concerning optimization to support safe and cost efficient operations. Preparation of reports on logistics activities.
• Provision of Logistical services to support the Refinery Plant, remote pads, Camp operations.
• Performing inventory Audits (including state Audits) of company assets and supervising inventory at Warehouses of stock and consignment items. Preparation of Reports, KPIs.
• Compiling data for the next year budget. Interfacing with Procurement department.
• During Rig Moves was managing planning, involved in rig-up operations on site, supervised critical loads transportation and installation to make sure to meet the time limits.
• Managing transportation of Drilling, WO Rigs, camp modules between locations.
• Providing training for newcomers with SAP system and main logistics issues and milestones.
• Maintaining maximum HSE and operational efficiency.

Nabors Drilling International Limited
Materials Controller & Logistics Coordinator

   Aug 2003
— Jul 2008

• Coordination the delivery of materials from all over the world for a drilling rig in Russia for a remote location in Eastern Siberia. Issuing Material requisitions for spare parts for a drilling rig, checking Purchase Orders for materials, made by the company Buyers, issuing parts for the Rig.
• Has experience of working in purchasing / procurement for spare parts and equipment acquisition for Drilling Rigs. Have an experience with procurement in expediting and processing quotes, making purchase orders with International vendors, material requisitions.
• Searching for proper suppliers, negotiating details, concluding contracts and agreements.
• Inventory tracking and control, weekly reporting, vendor correspondence and filing as well as organizing delivery by all types of transportation to the rig, including railway transportation, trucking, helicopters and ships.
• Purchasing spare parts against AFE. Budget control.
• Tracking customs clearance for all the materials coming from abroad into Russia.
• Annual, monthly Reports for asset inventory at the Rig sites.
• Making sure that all the parts and materials are delivered before the deadline, on a timely basis.
• Checking that all the materials are stored in proper way in accordance with the company and vendor’s storage specifications.
• Dispatching (Shipping) Rig 603 ex Houston, receiving in Nakhodka port in Russia, receiving Rig in the field, making overall inventory for received spare parts and equipment.
• Tracking materials from vendor factory up to destination (mostly from USA, UAE, China to Russia). Following up import, export, transit, dispatch and transport custom papers. Updating daily information on daily materials consumption.