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Senior engineer and international energy consultant, plurilingual (fluent in English, German, Italian, Russian). Extensive industrial experience in the petrochemical and power sector with large equipment manufacturers and utilities. Project management, engineering and system design, business planning and development, R&D, project monitoring and investment evaluation, urban and territorial planning, energy auditing, technology transfer and training, power plant and network engineering, renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydro), distributed generation, CHP and CCHP, energy efficiency auditing; energy storage and hydrogen, smart-grids, sustainable transports, E-mobility, marine and off-shore technologies, rural electrification. Numerous publications in English, German and Italian.


Technical University Berlin
Master in mechanical Engineering

   Apr 1973
— Oct 1978

Mechanical Engineering, specialised in:
• Thermodynamics and turbomachines;
• Power Plant Engineering;
• Nuclear Engineering;
• Applied Data Processing;


Multiservizi Caerite S.p.A.
General Manager

   Feb 2015
— Dec 2017

General Manager of Multiservizi Caerite S.p.A. public utility of the city of Cerveteri, operating in public lighting, irrigation and water supply, public parks and green area management, pharmacies and cemetery management.

Regional Energya Agency of Liguria Region
Technical project coordinator

   Mar 2013
— Jul 2015

TRANSFORM EU Project for development of strategic energy transformation Agenda for cities of Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Lyon, Vienna, Genoa, to reduce greenhouse gas emission. technical coordinator on behalf of ARE-Liguria (Energy Agency of the Liguria Region)

InterEnergy srl
Managing Director

   Oct 1997
— Dec 2016

Managing Director and senior engineer of INTERENERGY srl engineering and consulting company operating in systems engineering, project management, economic investment evaluation, planning and monitoring of advanced technology development projects

European Commission
Expert evaluator

   Mar 1997
— Sep 2017

Expert evaluator on behalf of European Commission: for calls on energy efficiency and in general on energy related subjects such as Horizon-20-20, FP7-ENERGY-2010-FET, FP7-ENERGY-2009, FP5, FP4 Non-Nuclear Energy Projects (THERMIE B), DG Energy and Transport (2002), DG XVII (Altener programme 1999-2000, Thermie 1997) and many others.

Senior engineer / energy consultant

   Oct 1986
— Current

Senior engineer / energy consultant operating in many different energy related fields, on behalf of industrial clients and public authorities

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