Metallurgical Engineer-Welding Specialist-AWS CWI/CWE/CWS-API 653-NACE Technologist

Last Updated: 2nd March 2019 (over 3 years ago)

Dominican Republic



Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, French, Spanish


In the past 13 years I've worked in welding, corrosion and materials. In those areas I've developed experience in education, R&D, inspection, testing and QA/QC for assets such as atmospheric tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines and structures following ASME, API, AWS, AWWA, ISO, SNT industrial standards and codes, among others.

I have a degree as Metallurgical Engineer with certifications as inspector and educator issued by the American Welding Society, also I am API 653 - Tank Inspector and NACE Corrosion Technologist.


National Association of Corrosion Engineers
NACE Corrosion Technologist

   May 2018
— May 2021

American Welding Society
Certified Welder

   Dec 2016
— Jun 2019

Certified Welder under the AWS D1.1 Code supplement G, SMAW process using electrode E7018 on A36 base metal 3G position (F, H, V qualified)

American Welding Society
Certified Welding Supervisor - CWS

   Nov 2016
— Nov 2019

American Petroleoum Institute
API 653 - Aboveground Tanks Inspector

   Mar 2016
— Mar 2022

American Welding Society
Certified Radiographic Interpreter - CRI

   Mar 2014
— Mar 2020

American Welding Society
Certified Welding Inspector - CWI

   Jan 2010
— Jan 2022

American Welding Society
Certified Welding Educator - CWE

   Jan 2010
— Jan 2020


Barrick Gold Pueblo Viejo

   May 2016
— Dec 2018

- Manage and administer technical (welding, mechanical, electrical, process and mine operations/maintenance) and safety competency-based training and certification programs.
- Partner with other PVDC training professionals to achieve efficient coordination of common training.
- Participate in defining and implementing safety policies and procedures, and associated training for both operations and maintenance to ensure compliance with corporate, regulatory, statutory and industry best practice requirements.
- Effectively supervise training and safety personnel to achieve effective delivery of training and safety programs.
- Continually monitor the progress of training participants to ensure satisfactory performance in the development of competent personnel to meet the localization and manpower requirements of management.
- Facilitate welding technology and inspection training.
- Complementary, Test Supervisor for PVDC Certification Center an AWS Accredited Test Facility inside Pueblo Viejo.

Barrick Gold Pueblo Viejo

   Feb 2012
— May 2016

- Responsible of training division in Welding, NDT and Conditioning Monitoring for Process Plant and mining welders, technicians and mechanics under NCCER, ASNT, AWS and ISO standards.
- Implement, update and coordinate training and curricula development for the fields previously mentioned and welding safety, radiation awareness and permit to work system.
- Coordinator and responsible of development of ASME/AWS certified welder program, facility accreditation and inspections on site.
- Review, develop and assurance of appliance of welding and quality procedures on site.
- Supporting/advising in QA/QC program set up for projects and asset management departments in metallurgy, corrosion and materials selection for process plant and mining divisions.
- Technical advice in metallurgy, corrosion and welding.

Penta Internacional

   Nov 2008
— Feb 2012

- Quality control and assurance for projects related with manufacture, supply and installation of welded pipes, welded structures, equipment and fittings for water, oil and gas industry including procedures development, welders qualification, steel production, fabrication, coating, storage and delivery protocols from factory to final destination country according industry standards including but not limited to AWWA, API, ASME and AWS.
- Provide technical support in the initial phase of the projects with quote and offers elaborations, biddings, contact suppliers, vendors, clients, among others.
- Technical advice in materials selection, corrosion and metallurgy.

Technical Institute Dr. Federico Rivero Palacios

   Sep 2007
— Nov 2008

- Teacher of Welding, NDT and metallurgical laboratories including metallographic sample preparation and heat treatment.
- Research and development in welding of duplex stainless steels and their behavior in corrosive environments