Plant / Production Operator

Last Updated: 9th January 2019 (over 3 years ago)




Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


• Make regular routine checks of all Equipment and Units to ensure that they are functioning correctly in accordance with Standard Operating Procedure.
• Report any abnormalities immediately to my production supervisor and take possible corrective action.
• Check and Record in the Plant Log Sheet each and every hour a variety of readings such as Oil and Gas Flow, Temperature and Pressure and Record unusual occurrences after reporting them to my production supervisor.
• Experience in handling Instrument Air Compressor and Open Drain system.
• As per work permit, isolate the system, inhibit nearby detectors, drain, vent, flush with water if needs, purge with Nitrogen, barricade the area and hand over to the work permit responsible technician.
• Start, Check and Stop Pumps locally according to instructions or in case of emergency.
• Assist in carrying out the Routine Weekly Run Tests of Equipments like Emergency Diesel Generator diesel and Electrical Fire Pumps. etc.,
• Co ordinate with the contractors and co workers.
• Ensure a safe working environment and make a profitable output to the employer.
• Efficient start up, safe shut down and routine operation for a smooth running plant.
• Participate under instructions, In Launching Pigs into Pipelines, Prepare Pig Receiver Stations and remove the Pig and check it for damage under the guidance of the production supervisor.
• Unload Chemicals into Tanks for Injections, Start and adjust the Flow Rate of Chemical Injection Pumps as required.
• Check the Water / Oil interface level in Sump Tanks and operate their pumps locally when they required.
• Collect Oil, Gas, and Water Samples and measure the Water Cut in Oil, Salt Concentration in the Produced Water and pass the samples to the Laboratory for Analysis.
• Initiate and lead Fire Fighting or other emergency actions in my area until taken over by a higher authority.
• Testing of SSSV under the supervision of production supervisor.
• Checking the Leakage of Gas like Hydrogen sulphide and HC.
• Continuous maintaining preservation on Valves, nuts and bolts by denso tape and grease.
• Proper hand over in every shift and every rotation to my back to back.


Madras University
Bachelor of science in physics

   Jun 1993
— Apr 1996


Reliance Petroleum
Production Operator

   Feb 2015
— Current