Senior Electrical Engineer

Last Updated: 15th January 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


An experienced Electrical and Automatic Control Senior Engineer, having worked for 20 years in Egypt and KSA. Has an experience in the following : Construction Supervision, Construction Management (CSCM) in infrastructure (Industrial Cities, Bulk Power Station (BPS) 380/132/33/13.8 KV, Power Stations(PS) 132KV/13.8KV, Water & Wastewater) and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumping) building projects; coordinate technical and progress meeting with SEC, client, SEC’s subcontractors and main contactor regarding electrical power requirement, consideration and regulations, review and monitoring targeted and actual physical progress; coordination of monthly review meeting with employer and contractor to identify bottlenecks, follow up on contract related work activities, and ensure their speedy and cost effective resolutions; design review for electrical systems including Single Line Diagram (SLD), Load Calculation, Voltage Drop Calculation, Schematic Diagrams, P&ID, short circuit calculation, Earthing system, lighting and power layout plan, electrical equipment layout plan, electrical equipment location plan, cable laying, cable route layout plan, cable laying schedule plan; transformer substation calculation design; comprehensive knowledge of electrical engineering codes; preparation review and monitoring of project deliverables; review and monitoring of design and shop drawings, procurement and schedules; drawing and material submittals review and approval; electromechanical equipment technical supplier submittal review with the reference to contract documents, BOQ, project specs and design drawings ; inspection of materials and equipment in accordance with specs, approved material submitals, drawings and contract condition and requirements; supervision on installation low current system ( Fire Alarm, CCTV, Tel/Data, Public Address, MATV and BMS); examining and determination the electrical equipment and instrumentation required including differential pressure transducers, DCS controllers, Solar Energy System, Load cells, PLCs, BMS, SCADA systems, water pumps, level indicators, water level sensors , ultrasonic level sensors, magentic and ultrasonic flowmeters, ; examining and evaluating the existing control and automation system; supervision on the testing and commissioning tests; participating in provisional handing-over committee.


Saudi Engineering Council FAB Centre Riyadh
Project Management Professional (PMP) Training Course 40 Hours

   May 2016
— May 2016

Faculty Of Electronics Engineering, Menofia University, Egypt
Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control

   Oct 1999
— Jan 2006

Faculty Of Electronics Engineering, Menofia University, Egypt – 1997
Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control and Measurement

   Sep 1992
— Aug 1997


Louis Berger International KSA
Snior Electrical Engineer

   May 2016
— Current

1-Alkharj Industrial City Infrastructure Project Phase II, Power Capacity: 200MVA, Project Cost: 500 Million SR Owner: MODON; Consultant: LBI KSA, Main Contractor: Almobty
2-Industrial Waste Water Treatment Project (WWTP), Power Capacity: 2.5MVA, Project Cost: 70 Million SR Owner: MODON;Consultant: LBI KSA, Main Contractor: Alkhoreyef
3- Industrial Waste Water lifting station, Power capacity: 1MVA, Project Cost: 6.5 Million SR Owner: MODON; Consultant: LBI KSA, Main Contractor::Almobty

Duties and responsibilities
• Study, review and analyze the electrical design drawings, BOQ and project technical specs and evaluate technical efficiency and adequacy for the MV network, street lighting network and LV network design and suggest value engineering studies of alternative design approaches solutions with cost savings to the client.
• Review the electrical shop drawing including Single Line Diagram (SLD), equipment plans, General layout, MV and LV cable routing and coordination drawings; material submittals and provide the approval for construction.
• Review time schedule plan for electrical work activities and follow up with actual execution at site.
• Prepare, review and rank the risk categories related to all electrical work activates and try to avoid, transfer or mitigate the risk; and always review the risk watch list.
• Consider all safety precautions required for electrical work activities at site as per safety management plan.
• Consider all quality requirement for electrical work activities as per Quality Management Plan
• Maintains surveillance over construction contractors to ensure overall compliance with contracted specifications, schedules… etc.
• Review and approve Method statement, technical submittals and shop drawings for electrical disciplines including RMUs, power transformers, package substations, feeder pillars, MCC panels, LV panels, LV & MV cables, cables trays and cable ladders.
• Review, inspect, and direct the contractor’s electrical engineer at site for all FIRs (Field Inspection Request) related to infrastructure electrical work to get the approval considering safety, quality, project specs, SEC requirements and electrical codes.
• Attend technical and progress weekly meeting with client, main contractors and subcontractors to solve and follow up technical issues and follow up project progress, materials approval, materials delivery, inspection & installation and compare with approved time schedule.
• Attend and coordinate technical meeting with SEC, SEC’s subcontractors, and main contractor for the MV network loops technical issues and study the suitable suggested solutions for site problems considering safety, quality, SEC requirements, project specs and design drawings.
• Supervise the electrical construction for 14 MV loops 13.8KV and interface inside and outside in both Bulk Power Station (BPS #9067) 380/132/33/13.8 KV and Power Station (PS #8714) 132/13.8 KV and connecting the loops to MV switchgears.
• Supervise on construction the electrical work activities for 14 loops MV network 13.8 KV with total length 133KM including MV cables, RMUs, MV Earthing system and MV joints as per project specs and SEC regulations and requirements.
• Supervise on construction Street lighting networks including Package Substation units, feeder pillars, Solar Energy lighting Poles, panels, LV cables, MV & LV Earthing system and lighting poles (Single arm 12 m, Double arm 16 m and High mast 30 m).
• Issue site instruction SI, non-conformance reports NCR and safety notes in any kind of discrepancy happened at site in the 3 projects that violates safety, quality, project specs or SEC requirements.
• Supervise on the electrical work activities in WWTP plant including MV network, LV network, SCADA communication network, Data network, Fire Alarm system and CCTV system.
• Review the design drawings, approved shop drawings, P&ID, hydraulic profile, control philosophy, approved technical submittals and coordinate with mechanical and civil department all project works and inspect all electrical work executed at site for industrial waste water treatment plant.
• Prepare necessary correspondence, technical reports, and progress and status reports related to all electrical works in the 3 projects with MODON.
• Coordinates electrical work activities with engineers in other disciplines or with architects. Apply knowledge of other disciplines to determine coordination required to ensure all design considerations have been addressed.
• Attend, supervise and approve all FAT tests regarding electrical equipment as per project specs and requirements.
• Attend, supervise and approve testing and commissioning for MV loops including Megger & VLF tests before handing over to SEC.
• Attend, supervise and approve testing and commissioning for WWTP plant including dry water test, clean water test and waste water test.
• Participate in the Initial handing Over Committee for the 3 projects

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