Site commissioning manager

Last Updated: 1st October 2017 (over 5 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


I have an excellent experiences in electrical engineering including installations and services of several types of devices, equipments, machines, schematics in all voltage levels EHV, HV,MV and LV systems in substations, power plants, industrial plants as well as oil and gas sites with professional leadership style and culture. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.
I believe the key strengths that I can offer to you are:
1. 15 years experience in GIS substations “EHV, HV, MV” and LV boards.
2. Proven ability to operate business performance to Solve technical issues, facilitate activities to improve productivity and interact successfully with staff and customers to build strong relationships for smooth project execution.
3. Excellent Leadership Skills even with tough people.
4. Good technical skills—particularly the ability to understand customer issues and to provide solutions.
5. Very Good Experience in dealing with technical challenges of all types and backgrounds through my life experience to meet your client expectations.
6. Very Good Experience in Development of long term plans. With my energetic work style, I believe that I am an excellent team player.


Alexandria university - Engineering collage
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

   Sep 1997
— Jun 2002

Electrical power and machines engineering


GE - Alstom
Site commissioning manager

   Dec 2014
— Aug 2017

Expert in installation & testing and commissioning of
substations and power plants, as well as oil and gas
projects also managing substation’s extensions including
installation and commissioning of 33 &110 &132 & 380
 Expert in commissioning of 380 KV & 132 KV GIS
activities as well as LCCs schematics, functions and
interlocks for most of electrical manufacturers like GE,
 Have extensive 15 years experience and knowledge on
maintenance and commissioning of most types of
protection equipment and various types of digital and
numerical protection relays, tele-protection equipment
and metering of transmission networks.
 Extensive work experience with multinational companies
like General electric, Alstom grid, ThyssenKrupp and
XERVON GmbH on various services of electrical
engineering including electrical substations, power plants,
industrial plants, oil and gas projects.
 Familiar with engineering and design process of electrical
systems including required modifications.

-- Achieved Projects.
 GE area commissioning leader for southern area
projects in Saudi Arabia “ JEC s/s, Habeel extension,
preparation for beesh package “
Study PTS and scope of work. Determine required
manpower and equipments. Preparing work
procedures, test formats and overall schedules.
Follow-up to improve the progress. Attend the
internal and client meetings.
 Site Commissioning Manager of ALMADAYAH
380/132/33 KV Substation (project awarded as the
best project executed in GE grid over the world) –
“With GE “
 Sites Commissioning manager of southern area
extensions (JAZAN NORTH 132KV S/S – HABEEL
132KV S/S - ALKUDMI 380 S/S) – “With ALSTOM”
 Site Commissioning Manager of SABYA NORTH “Abu
Elqaeed 132/33 KV Substation – “With ALSTOM”
 Site Commissioning Manger of 132KV Kudmi
extension “ Alkudmi 380/132/13.8 Substation” –

Commissioning team leader

   Feb 2009
— Aug 2014

testing and commissioning of GIS EHV & HV substations.

Achieved projects:

Project site manager for Tiyam1, 132kv extension in
Medina and Qwizah2 Substation extension110/13.8KV
in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Installation, testing and
commissioning). “ With XERVON GmbH”
 Project manager for 380KV Makkah north Substation
extension in Makkah, Saudi Arabia (Installation,
testing and commissioning) - “With XERVON GmbH”
 Site manager of bus bar retrofit project in air defense
institute substation Jeddah, Saudi Arabia- “With
 Team leader for Testing and Commissioning of Al-
Oraijah132/13.8KV in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia- “Wit
ThyssenKrupp xervon”.
 Team leader of Testing and commissioning Abu-Hedryah
380kv substation, Abu-Hedryah, Saudi Arabia- “With
ThyssenKrupp xervon”.
 G.I.S Team leader for testing and commissioning of
Al-Amal Substation 110/13.8KV in Jeddah, Saudi
Arabia- “With ThyssenKrupp xervon”.
 GIS Team leader of testing and Commissioning of
Jubal substation#4 Jubal, Saudi Arabia- “With ThyssenKrupp xervon”.
 Senior testing and commissioning engineer of
Shuqaiq2 380/110/13.8kv, Al-shuqaiq, Saudi Arabia“
With ThyssenKrupp xervon”.
Services engineer of Makah power plant annual
routine test, Saudi Arabia “With ThyssenKrupp
Electrical site manager in SAMREF 2013
turnaround (Saudi Armco Mobil Refinery
turnaround) Yanbu, Saudi Arabia- “With XERVON
 Team leader of SAMREF 2010 turnaround, Yanbu,
Saudi Arabia “With ThyssenKrupp xervon”.

Arabian Bemco - Saudi Arabia
Commissioning engineer

   Jun 2007
— Jan 2009

testing and commissioning of GIS substations ans power plants.

Achieved projects:

 Testing and commissioning team leader of power
plant #9 block C, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 10*100M Gas
Turbines – “With Arabian BEMCO”.
 Testing and commissioning team leader of power
plant #9 block D, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 10*100M Gas
Turbines “With Arabian BEMCO”.
Testing and commissioning team leader of power plant
#9 block F, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 12*100M Gas Turbines
“With Arabian BEMCO.

Egyptian national electricity company
Protection Engineer for High voltage Substations

   Jun 2004
— Jun 2007

From June 2004 to June 2007 – Protection engineer.
 Maintenance, Routine tests, Modifications and Retrofit
of all 220 KV & 66KV & 11 KV substations of
Alexandria west region – Egypt – Alexandria city –
Egyptian Electricity Transmission Co.

United Engineers
Commissioning engineer for oil and gas projects

   Oct 2002
— May 2004

Testing and commissioning engineer of six medium
and low voltage substations in SEGAS LNG project
(Spanish Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas).
Damietta, Egypt.

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