Mechanical Construction Engineer

Last Updated: 1st February 2018 (over 4 years ago)



Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Chinese, English, Malay


➢ 3 years of continuous experiences across industries which are both oil & gas upstream and downstream, also in fabrication and
construction work in Malaysia
➢ 1 years of experiences as Mechanic Foreman in Automotive Industries, also involve in Major or Minor Service or Top Overhaul work
in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
➢ Highly Motivated and Enthusiastic mechanical engineer and possess excellent communication and teamwork skills coupled with solid
multitasking abilities.
➢ Experienced in dealing with clients in project management to deliver the project smoothly, in both construction, maintenance and
operations while delivering data in accordance to agreed terms.


Confined Space Entry

   Jan 2017
— Jan 2019

Confined Space Entry Passport

Oil & Gas Safety Passport

   Jun 2016
— Jun 2019

Oil & Gas Safety Passport

University Technical Malaysia Melaka
Bachelor's Degree Mechanical Engineering Technology

   Sep 2011
— Oct 2015

October 3rd, 2015 - Graduation Day


Brooke's Dockyard & Engineering Works Corporation
Mechanical Construction Engineer

   Nov 2016
— Current

• As a focal point for Mechanical Engineer – Anjung AJJT Project – A & E6 Development Project – A.
• Review on project specification and procedures.
• Review and comments on Vendor drawing and documents.
• Review and checking on Vendor Project Master Schedule and Project Deliverable Register.
• Review and comments on Consultant on P&ID, TRP’s General Arrangement Drawing and etc.
• Participate in PDMS review.
• Completed prepare and review the technical bid evaluations.
• Interface with the procurement coordinator on the status of the technical package, inspection/test and vendor document
• Coordinate a meeting or kick-off meeting with mechanical vendors for on all technical issues.
• Reviewed, Commented, and approved all vendor documents. Incorporate client’s comments, if any.
Construction & Installation
• Monitored of P&C sub-contractor's procurement of major mechanical equipment is in accordance with the agreed standard and
specifications from clients.
• Coordination’s with subcontractors and client on mobilization schedule and work progress
• Reviewed and analyzed the designs of vendors or subcontractors providing specific equipment.
• Interface with other disciplines (E&I, structural, process) and sub-contractor's Engineer as required for successful completion of
• Monitored and review the master G.A., P&ID, and equipment layout and etc. drawings on day by day basis to reflect work in
progress and completed to reflect the as-built installation as the job progresses.
• Monitor progress of onshore fabrication and installations works.
• To assist with the coordination of onshore construction / installation works.
• Performed line walk and check on the readiness of the HVAC, Pressure Vessel, Fresh Water Service Tank, and Chemical Injection
• Monitored & reviewed lifting procedure and JHA reviewed, submitted the lifting procedure to SSB’s structural engineer for
approval prior to lifting work.
• On-site verification of HVAC package mechanical work in progress and ensure contractors compliance to industry & SSB
specifications and good construction workmanship.
• On-site verification of chemical injection skids, pressure vessel package and fresh water service water tank mechanical work in
progress and ensure contractors compliance to industry & SSB specifications and good construction workmanship.
• Invited SSB personnel to performed and witness for an internal inspection for the chemical injection tanks skids, pressure vessels
package and fresh water service water tank package prior to final closure and SAT.
• Provide technical supports to fabrication team and to Shell’s package engineers.
• Work closely with the project team in achieving common schedule/target of the project.
• Interface fabrication works with other BDEWC team members on all another aspect of the works like engineering, contract,
procurement, HSE, QA/QC and any other requirements to ensure smooth execution of the project.
• Interface with fabrication team on daily fabrication activities.
• Work closely with inspection team to meet QA/QC requirement as specified in the contract.
Testing & Commissioning
• Prepared and reviewed commissioning and pre-commissioning test procedures of mechanical equipment.
• Liaise with HUC team regarding ITR A has to be done prior to pre-commissioning work.
• Coordinated and performed a functional check on the system, endurance 4 hours of pumps for Chemical Injection and motor test
prior to 72 hours endurance HVAC systems test.
• Work closely with the contractor, review the needs for consumable and temporary equipment required for the commissioning
work in onshore and offshore.
• Completed on construction and pre – commissioning check sheet.
• Conducted final line walk with HUC team to capture any outstanding construction and installation work prior to commissioning
• Conducted and coordinated fabrication team for preservation once the commissioning works done. (Nitrogen blanketing)

RWNA Engineering Sdn Bhd
Project Engineer

   Nov 2015
— Oct 2016

• Assigned as Project Engineer is responsible for the project aspect of the construction.
• To professionally perform site visit if and when required by the clients.
• Capability to communicate and reach an agreement with clients prior to the project – smoothly.
• Ensure manpower, equipment, material and consumables are complete and functional prior to mobilization to the site.
• Ensure teams of machinist arrive at site timely as instructed by the client’s representatives.
• Lead machining activity at the site.
• Lead team for inspection to MMHE Representative and PETRONAS CSR.
• Liaised with technicians regards with the task given.
• Monitored and ensure technicians accomplished the task as client’s required.
• Liaised with QA/QC clients in resolving technical issues.
• Reviewed defects report from QA/QC clients department.
• Liaised with clients Inspector from Velosi to proceed with the dye-penetrant test.

Sapura Kencana Petroleum Berhad
Production QC / Mechanical Inspector

   Feb 2015
— Oct 2015

• Assigned as Production QC is responsible to complete the task given during construction of the project.
• Assisted the QC inspector on documentation and hydro-testing as well as inspection for fit-up and visual for the pipeline.
• Reviewed all testing supporting documents such as leak test, hydro test package, reinstatement test package.
• Reviewed construction isometric drawing while witnessed and located the fabrication as well as installation process for the pipeline.
• Witness fabrication and installation for MVR, Fit-up, Visual Inspection and review all inspection report.
• Monitoring and maintain site quality including workshop fabrication, site installation and welding meet the project KPI and specification.
• Monitoring/witness for repair works.
• Solve and cooperate technical issue with higher authority regarding QA/QC.
• Review construction drawing (isometric/structure/NDE Drawing & matrix).
• Witness/monitoring testing and pre-commissioning works such as leak test, hydro test, accessories installation, punch list prior commissioning.
• Review mechanical/piping check sheets and related supporting document meets the requirement, drawing and specification prior start-up and commissioning.
• Reviewed and ensure piping check sheets specification prior start-up and commissioning.
• Inspected, monitored and ensured site quality and daily progress including fabrication workshop, site installation process and welding spread meets client’s specification.
• Liaised with QA/QC staffs in resolving technical issues.
• Responsible for Health, Safety and Environment for platform topside works.