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25 to 34

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English, French, Romanian, Spanish


I describe myself as an assertive self-starter, who thrives in a fast paced environment and understands Waste Management industry inside out. Although I have more than 11 years experience in different Management positions, I love to learn, and am always up to a challenge.
I was working in different areas in the world, all having the same main focus: Waste Management, for more than 11 years developing and performing projects for recycling/neutralizing all types of wastes (domestic, solid, wastewater, industrial), performing projects also related to hazardous wastes.
Please feel free to contact me for more details regarding my professional experience.


NORD University
Master's degree in Safety and Decontamination of Extraction Industries Perimeters

   Oct 2009
— Jul 2011

Field: Oil, Gas and Mines
Performed courses like:
• Environmental risk assessment;
• Soil protection and remediation;
• Recycling, treatment and disposal of industrial and domestic waste.

NORD University
Licensed Engineer in Minerals Processing

   Oct 2005
— Jul 2009

Field: Oil, Gas and Mines
• First place in Scientific Contest of Universities, with the project called
“Bio-leaching copper from toxic wastes using Thobacillus
Ferrooxidans bacteria”
• Collecting and analyzing water, soil and air samples;
• Ability to perform technological design in ore processing.


Project Manager

   Mar 2015
— Feb 2018

• Responsible of 5 ongoing projects in oil field Kurdistan region of
• Project developer and technical team coordinator;
• Responsible for all aspects related to the contracts;
• Leading of personnel for industrial cleaning activities;
• Implementation of BAT (Best Available Techniques) within waste
management field;
• Dealing contracts with Beneficiary’s Top Management;
• Drafting activity reports on a daily, weekly, monthly schedule;
• Organize and supervising the activities on shifts;
• Training and supervision for local operators;
• Handling 35 staff members – different nationalities;
• Performing site-visits and technical offers for future projects;
• Drafting operation/maintenance costs for the ongoing projects;

Project Manager

   Dec 2013
— Feb 2015

• Choosing most suitable plan on basis of safety, efficiency, and costeffectiveness;
• Activities and milestones planning;
• Operational costs and resource use management;
• Preparing procurement procedures;
• Risk management;
• Project team management;
• Project team communication management;
• Project quality management;
• Design documentations in the following phases: basic design + bid
documents (specifications), detail design, permitting
documentations and on-site technical assistance;
• Assisting with the development, promotion and implementation of
new waste disposal schemes;
• Developing and maintaining fill sequencing plans while ensuring
density goals are achieved;
• Market studies and analysis;
• Organize transport and logistic;
• Contract negotiations, closing and following.

URS Environmental
Junior Environmental Engineer

   Nov 2011
— Dec 2013

• Preparing, reviewing, and updating environmental investigation and
recommendation reports;
• Obtaining, updating and maintaining plans, permits, and standard
operating procedures;
• Monitoring progress of environmental improvement programs;
• Ability to provide administrative support for projects by collecting
data, providing project documentation, and performing other
administrative duties;
• Entitled to prepare hazardous waste manifests and land disposal
restriction notifications;
• Assembling permit applications, understanding existing regulations
and continue to review new and proposed regulations as they relate
to industrial clients;
• Performed audits on the industrial sites and ensured that all the
environmental guidelines were followed.

Specialized Project Manager

   Mar 2006
— Oct 2011

Various projects in Romania for waste management, tank cleaning,
site decontamination for clients as Schlumberger, Rompetrol,

Aim of the role:
This experience included program management of environmental
compliance programs encompassing investigation, characterization, risk
assessment, design, audits, pollution prevention; and waste management
in both the Public and Private Sectors.

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