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Last Updated: 4th September 2017 (over 5 years ago)

United Kingdom


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Senior Mechanical Completions & Certification Coordinator with ten years plus international experience in a lead capacity across the oil and gas industry on both greenfield and brownfield projects. Thorough knowledge and understanding of complex project Completions processes from initial conception through to Final Handover. Extensive knowledge of multiple Completions Management Systems and managing hard-copy Turnover / Handover Certification packages. Highly adept at liaising between project personnel ensuring all documentation is readily available at time of transfer by providing a smooth and controlled Turnover / Handover approach.


University of Brighton - Brighton Business School
BA Business Administration

   Sep 1999
— Jun 2001

Northbrook College
Higher National Diploma (HND) Business & Finance

   Sep 1997
— Jun 1999


Senior Mechanical and Completions Coordinator

   Nov 2011
— Aug 2017

Royal Dutch Shell
Bacton Rejuvenation Project
Norfolk, UK
2011 – 2017

Responsible for the population and day-to-day management of the GoCompletions Electronic Completions Software, as well as the collection and maintenance of all Construction and Commissioning Certification records from Mechanical Completion through to Final Handover.
Core responsibilities included:

* Administration of the Completions and Commissioning Certification system GoCompletions during Construction and Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning phases of the project through to transfer to Asset Owner
* Ensuring data integrity was maintained at all times by verification of all tagged equipment items
* Providing reports on progress of Completion throughout Construction and Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning phases of the project
* Administration, control and monitoring of all project related Punch List items and Outstanding Work Lists (OWLs) / Carry Over Works (COWs)
* Ensuring all project Certification milestones and Inspection Test Records (ITRs) were sufficient and correct to the specific scopes of work
* Ensuring all Sub-Contractors and Vendors produced the correct Certification, tag numbering and overall compliance with design in accordance with project deliverables requirements
* Verification of all Systems and Sub-Systems being ‘Turned Over’ from Construction to Pre-Commissioning and ‘Handed Over’ from Commissioning to Asset Operations.
* Maintaining all Construction and Commissioning ‘As-Built’ drawings
* Ensuring all users of GoCompletions were sufficiently trained and competent up to their varying levels of authority
* Handing over the GoCompletions software and all associated Construction Turnover and Commissioning packages at Project Completion.

Tecnicas Reunidas
Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Project
Moerdijk, North Brabant, The Netherlands
2009 – 2011

Primarily responsible for ensuring key elements were in place to promote a successful and effective Handover process by utilising the CoConsole Electronic Completions Software and hard-copy Turnover / Handover packages.
Core responsibilities included:

* Determining what the ‘Turnover’ and ‘Handover’ criteria was, in terms of what documentation requirements needed to be compiled / completed at the point of Turnover from Construction to Commissioning and Handover from Commissioning to Client
* Ensuring a phased System Handover approach (Systemisation) was adopted by both the Construction and Commissioning groups ensuring final delivery to Client was on a controlled System-by-System basis
* Ensuring all Safe Systems of Work were documented at the point of transfer of care as specified in the Handover procedure
* Liaising with both Construction and Commissioning groups and Client to clearly identify what Handover documentation deliverables were to change hands at point of Turnover and Handover
* Conducting regular pre-Handover review meetings to discuss documentation preparation, prior to actual Handover to ensure smooth preparation and timely transfer.

Chicago, Bridge and Iron (CB&I)
Shell Pearl Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Project
Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar, Middle-East
2008 - 2009

Responsible for the day-to day management of the WinPCS Project Completions and Commissioning Management System (CCMS) for maintaining the Engineering data and Certification status up to Mechanical Completion as well as the collection and maintenance of all Construction-related Certification records.
Core responsibilities included:

* Day-to day administration of the WinPCS CCMS during Construction phase of the project
* Liaising with Client (Shell), Project Management Company (KBR) so as to determine priorities of System / Sub-System transfer
* Compilation of all agreed hard-copy formal documentation (Turnover Packages) as an indication of change of responsibility status from project Construction to Commissioning group.

Chicago, Bridge and Iron (CB&I)
Paddington, London, UK
2007 – 2008

Primary responsibilities prior to deployment to Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar, Middle-East on the Shell Pearl Gas-to Liquids project was to populate the WinPCS CCMS with all site-specific Engineering data, Systems / Sub-Systems definitions and tagged equipment Check Sheets.

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