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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


Civil Engineer with over 25 years of diversified experience in the civil and mechanical engineering industry. Held various positions from site engineer to managing director. Managed, negotiated, lead, executed and delivered turn-key mega projects in accordance with international standards and under the supervision of international firms. Handled public relations with top governments’ officials in pursuit of new contracts and with communities and youth of various cultures and backgrounds to sustain work-friendly environments, even in volatile and hostile areas.


American University of Beirut
Bachelor in Civil Engineering

   Sep 1990
— Aug 1995

International School of Choueifat
Lebanese Baccalaureate - Mathematics

   Sep 1979
— Jun 1990


Estrada Construction Ltd.
Managing Director

   Jul 2014
— Sep 2018

• Seeking for contracts with Nigerian Government & private sector
• Promoting of company through a wide diversity of public relations.
• Following up payments with top government & private officials
• Procuring of plant and equipment (locally and overseas)
• Negotiating and placing of overseas orders.
• Ensuring a secure environment for the workforce around the projects in conjunction with local communities and government officials
• Setting turnover targets of the company and securing the required logistics to meet these targets
• Heading the board of directors meetings.
• Controlling tenders’ pricing and submission.
• Dealing with bankers

Managing Director

   Nov 2010
— Jun 2014

• Secured major jobs with Nigerian Government & private sector (mainly Shell Petroleum)
• Followed up payments with top government & private officials
• Set up a new public relation approach to restore company’s credibility
• Put an end to corruption and misuse of company’s resources
• Re-evaluated company’s human resources and re-distributed duties as needed.
• Controlled & prepared personnel salary increments and bonuses.
• Headed the board of directors meetings and annual general meeting.
• Upgraded and (modernized where applicable) all departments operations & the systems in use (accounts, stores, mechanical workshop, design department)
• Rounded up over 90 uncompleted on-going projects.
• Supervised & authorized all returns to Head Office (monthly progress/turnover reports, cash-flows, receivables etc.)
• Controlled tenders’ pricing and submission.
• Improved the company’s credibility with its bankers and secured additional banking facilities.
• Shifted the company’s annual results from million US$ in loss to millions $ in profit.

Projects Manager

   Sep 2004
— Oct 2010

• Planned and approved all site operations and construction strategies for all on-going projects
• Assigned duties to engineers and general foremen
• Distributed and assigned human and equipment resources among projects
• Ensured quality control
• In charge of all financial transactions & payments (including banks)
• Prepared monthly progress/turnover reports
• Prepared cash flows
• Contract Management
• Reported back to Managing Director

Construction Manager

   Mar 2001
— Aug 2004

• Prepared and tracked program of works
• Prepared and submitted monthly progress/turnover reports
• Prepared cash flows
• Prepared and submitted claims
• Prepared payment certificates
• Prepared sub-contractors’ contracts & payments
• Attended meetings with Client & Consultants
• Reported back to projects manager.

Site Manager

   Feb 1999
— Mar 2001

• Execution of Civil works
• Execution of Mechanical works installations
• Supervision of Electrical installations
• Distributed duties to site foremen
• Prepared payment certificates
• Attended meetings with Client & Consultant
• Reported back to remote project manager in HO

Civil Engineer

   Feb 1997
— Jan 1999

• Execution of Civil works
• Execution of Mechanical works installations
• Distributed duties to site foremen
• Controlled all site operations.
• Reported back to remote project manager.

Rafik El-Khoury Firm (Consulting Engineers)
Civil Engineer

   Nov 1995
— Feb 1997

• Supervised that the contractor’s execution of work is in accordance with design drawings and contracts standards & specifications.
• Checked steel works and form works for the bridges, under-paths, retaining walls etc. and approve the placing of concrete
• Control the quality of concrete batches and approve prior to placing.

Morganti International (CCC)
Civil Engineer Trainee

   Aug 1994
— Oct 1994

• Assisted the chief QA/QC Engineer to supervise execution of the civil works
• Assisted in performing soil in-situ tests
• Assisted in surveying works and setting out of construction control points

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