Corporate HSSE and Radiation Safety Officer

Last Updated: 2nd March 2019 (over 3 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


I have experience as HS&E Manager as well as Corporate Radiation Safety Officer for NORM and Nuclear Gauging in the oil, Steel, and Petrochemical industry.I have over 11 years’ experience working within HS&E and the Radiation Safety discipline globally. I have spent my career protecting workers, company property and the environment by searching for, identifying and mitigation of risk probabilities and the correction of negative trending of human behavior. I have accomplished this in part through frequent safety talks, comprehensive training, establishing and administering of competency programs, program audits, site inspections and positive interaction with employees in the field.


School of Physics, University Sains Malaysia
Master of Science (Radiation Science)

   Feb 2018
— Feb 2019

The programme aims to provide knowledge and skills in radiation physics, protection, and dosimetry. The course is designed to produce graduates in Radiation Science with a strong capacity to work effectively as key members of a collaborative team for radiation protection and safety. Successful graduates can expect to have a career as radiation scientist in academic institutions, research institutes or environmental departments.

Health Physics Society
Associate Member - Career Level 1

   Jan 2015
— Jan 2019

Faculty of Science, Al Azhar University
Postgraduate in Nuclear and Radiation Physics

   Aug 2006
— Oct 2008

PGT Diploma in Nuclear and Radiation Physics Field Of StudyNuclear Physics GradeVery Good 80%
Dates attended or expected graduation

Activities and Societies: Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professionals and EAEA as a Trainee. Arab Radiation Protection Association, as a member.
PGT studies with successfully passing the following courses:
Mossbauer Spectra.
Nuclear Reactions.
Mathematical Modeling.
Accelerators and Reactors.
Nuclear Radiation Detection, and Measurement Techniques.
Mathematical, Theoretical, and Numerical Methods

Faculty of Science, Sohag University
Bachelor of Applied Science - Field Of Study Physics

   Sep 2002
— Jul 2006

GradeVery Good
Dates attended or expected graduation

Activities and Societies: Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions Membership Arab Association of Radiation Protection Membership
Studied from 2002 - 2006 most of the Physics Specification as follows:
First Year: Physics Sciences Section:
Second Year: Physics and Mathematics Section.
Third Year: Physics Section.
Fourth Year: Physics Section.
Studied Mixed Courses in Chemistry, Mathematics, Modern Physics, Laser Physics, Nuclear Resonance, Radiation Physics, Radiation Measurement and Protection and Nuclear Physics.
Graduated with Very Good Degree.


China HuanQiu Contracting &Engineering Co.
Site Lead HSSE Engieer and Radiation Safety Officer

   Jan 2017
— Jan 2018

Ensure the EPC sub-contractors develop implement and maintain a specific project Risk Management Plan.
Ensure EPC subcontractor selection (ITB) processes are developed and implemented on a timely basis in accordance with PMC and Client expectations.
Provide advice and guidance to the EPC sub-contractors management team on HSE issues through the
interpretation of PMC and Client policies and statutory requirements.
Ensure EPC sub-contractors establish and maintain statistical data concerning all matters of health and safety, training programs with which to provide a basis for development of further health and safety activities, to highlight trends for future action.
Monitor compliance with all National legislative requirements including the dissemination of information to PMC and EPC managers and employees regarding amendments/ additions to requirements as they come into effect.
Review EPC sub-contractors Safety Management System and advise of required changes.
Develop and maintain professional relationships with Client and PMC, regulatory bodies.
Liaise with the National Radiation Protection Regulatory Body with regard of Licensing
Requirements including Importing and Exporting of Radiation Sources.
Preparing of all Radiation Protection Documents such as Radiation Protection Procedures, Safe
Transportation of Radiation Sources, and Operational Procedures for Nuclear Gauging, Emergency
Response Plan, Method Statement, and Job Safety Analysis required for Installing 30 Gamma
Radiation Sources in the Beneficiation Plant.
Working according to local rules of radiation protection and guidance to reduce the occupational and
public Exposures, and confirming that all the incurred doses are less than the public doses.
Cooperating with the EPC HSE Director and Client Principle RSO and present to them all related
radiation protection matters including proper operation of radiological health surveillance, and
personnel radiation doses assessment program.

Al Qaryan Steel Company
Health Safety Environment Head and Radiation Safety Officer

   Nov 2014
— Jan 2017

Supervise all the activities for managing health, safety, and environmental issues not only on the construction site but also during steel plant operations and playing Core role in the administration of HSE (safety management program), legal obligations and project/site audit.
Actively conduct and participate in meetings, administer incident investigations, manage health risk of employees, coordination of contractors accountable to AQS policy.
Conveniently liaised with customers, regulatory authorities and, numerous 3rd parties.
Set up an adequate system for internal HSE policies and practices, and conduct safety hazard, risk assessment, and change existing.
Methodically contribute to the company's safety management system in accordance with government standards and standards set forth by the company.
Investigate incidents, spills, accidents and near misses in workplaces, report them and recommend measures to prevent recurrence.
Carrying out routine safety inspection and reports for the findings and ensure the safe condition of all tools, electrical equipment, plant, lifting gear, firefighting equipment, lifting equipment and it’s certifications ( all certifications to be valid in three months).
Upheld superior level of expertise and oversaw all the radiation safety procedure and requirements related to the plan nuclear gauging license.
Developed the management systems to control and measurement of NORM processing.
Played an integral role in directing full radiation detection systems from the radiation portal examining gates, area survey meters, personnel survey meters, and personnel radiation dose monitoring program. Spearheaded the import and export of all radioactive material and associated support equipment.
Accurately maintain records on all sealed source radioactive materials such as inventory, transport, and survey, usage, also administered and coordinate sealed source leak test schedules.
Coordinated gauge calibration schedules.

Health Physics Est
HSE Engnieer and Radiation Safety Supervisor/Officer

   Jun 2013
— Oct 2014

Oversee all licensing and compliance activities for the protection of health and environment in relation to all ionizing radiation activities and practices.
Ensure periodical inspections and issue correctives reports and required disciplinary actions.
Ensure that programs for radiation safety, emergency preparedness, radiation protection, environmental radiation monitoring are adequate and maintained effectively.
Supervise radioactive sources security, safety, health & emergency response investigations, inspections, bookkeeping and administration matters.
Oversee all licensing and permitting submissions in relation to radioactive materials including applications for import/export, site cleanup, reclamation, and disposal.
Ensure continuous development of detailed nuclear waste management, storage and disposal plans.
Ensure the safe use of radioactive materials, radiation-generating devices and responsible for radiation protection operations.
Plan, implement and direct a program of radiation safety regulation of nuclear installations, use of radiation in medical, industrial and other applications and exposure to Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials.
Develop regulations in the area of radiation protection, review, assessment and licensing of applications for the use of radiation.
Maintain the national register of radiation sources and occupational doses and inspections reports.
Liaises with local authorities in case of an emergency and other related incidents.
Communicate with top management on radiation safety overview situations. To prepare annual inspection reports for the Local Facilities using Radiation Sources.