Sr Electrical Engineer

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Saudi Arabia


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Age Range
35 to 44

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Arabic, English


Qualified professional with 11 years of experience in various aspects of Construction, Power Energy, Oil & Gas(Aramco Approval), Electrical Designing amongst others across diverse roles in the organizational hierarchy. Member of Sudanese Engineering Council & Saudi Engineering Council. Proficient in design & implementation of Oil & Gas Field, EHV, HV, Power Distribution Systems amongst others using state of the art technology; exploring challenging assignments with a professionally managed organization.


University of Kordofan
Electrical Engineering

   Aug 2000
— May 2007

B.Sc. (Honour - Electrical Engineer), University of Kordofan (2007)


Al-Othman Consultants
Electrical Engineer

   Mar 2016
— Current

Southern area oil Operation (SAOO) Power Supply Reliability Improvement Project for Saudi Aramco

 Electrical Consultant Engineer at "Al-Othman Consult", Work duration is period from 01. Mar.2016 up to present in Saudi Arabia under Saudi Electricity Company. Assigned for below project from A to Z:
 Construction of 115kV UG. Main duty is supervision of UG 115 KV Projects including all electrical consultant engineer responsibilities for example but no limited:
 Inspection of Excavation, Sand Bedding, Cable Pulling, Cable Joint and all Backfilling work.
 Coordinate activities related to setting up 18 km, 115 kV power cable from Al DAEREE BSP-MAZROEYAH S/S, 3.2 km, 115kV power cable from KHALIDIYAH S/S- MAZROEYAH S/S, 4.4 km, 115kV power cable from HIE S/S- AL UYUN S/S, 1.76km, 115kV power cable from MAHASAN BSP-UT HWS-1 S/S – ALHASSA HOME OWNERSHIP S/S.
 Involved in testing & commissioning of 18 km, 115 kV power cable from AL DAEREE BSP- MUBARKIYAH S/S (Double Circuits) (Sheath isolation Test, SVL Test, Grounding Resistance Test, Contact Resistance Test, Cross Bonding Verification Test, Line Impedance Test, Cable Profile Test, High Voltage Test) including gassing & degassing at AL DAEREE BSP for both circuits.
 Manage testing of fiber optic cable from AL DAEREE BSP- MUBARKIYAH S/S including115 kV underground Cable jointing, termination, commissioning, testing.
 Interact with internal teams in ensuring compliance to organizational quality and HSE policies pertaining to day to day project activities.
 Assess project progress in coordination with site engineers, supervisors and project Manager to align with project delivery schedules.
 Witnessed and check installation work & termination cable for Distance Protection at AL DAEREE BSP and OMRAN PSP.
 Follow up with vendors for ensuring material delivery based on specifications and schedules. Generate safety awareness across sites by implementing five-star safety program.
 Prepare & present various status reports for the senior management and stakeholder for effective decision making.
 Confirm that all activities are done as per PTS and SEC standard.

AMMOC Saudi Campany
Acting Project Manager

   Jul 2015
— Feb 2016

Project - Renewals and improvements Abha InterContinental Hotel
 Functioned as MEP engineer in Project management department involved in preparing, scheduling and reporting on project plans.
 Evaluate the activities of assigned construction engineers, such as the application of drawings, specifications, and subcontracts.
 Coordinated the interface between the Electrical, Mechanical and civil activities at the project jobsite. Reviewed project controls documents on progress relating to cost and schedule
 Prepared & presented tenders for various project activities and project cost accounts. Assessed & aligned project progress to technical studies.
 Evaluated & implemented changes and initiated agenda items for preparation & processing of special orders.
 Calculated load for HVAC - Fire Fighting Pump - Water Pumps – Cables -Lighting and Power Circuit and set up Low Voltage Switchgear System.
 Coordinated activities related to design & implementation of Low Current System (Telephone, Data, Public Address, TV, Sound &CCTV System, Access Door Control System and Clocks system) as well as Lightning Protection, Lighting Rod, earthing systems.
 Calculated Single Line Diagram, Short circuit & coordination studies and conducted Power factor correction studies.
 Prepared P&ID using AutoCAD program, layout & installation of earthing, lighting and Power Circuit systems.
 Confirm that all activities are done as per PTS and International standard (IEC, NEC and SEC)

Fadha Engineering Consultant
Electrical Engineer Consultant

   May 2012
— Jun 2015

 Prepared & implemented project plans & schedules for setting up Low Voltage Switchgear System based on technical evaluation of requirements.
 Drafted & presented tenders and maintained updated project cost account. Evaluated & implemented changes and initiated agenda items for preparation of special orders.
 Involved in designing Low Current System (Telephone, Data, Public Address, TV and CCTV System), Single Line Diagram, Lightning Protection, Lighting Rod, earthing systems.
 Coordinated activities related to calculating load for HVAC, Fire Fighting Pump, Water Pumps, Cables, Lighting & Power Circuit.
 Managed Short circuit & coordination studies as well as factor correction studies. Implemented effective safety parameters pertaining to day to day project activities.
 Coordinated site activities at municipality Ayon Elljwaa, Municipality Alfewailig, Municipality Elgawara, Municipality Gesaiba, Municipality Elbotain & Municipality Shari

Yarmouk Industrial Services Co. Ltd
Electrical Maintenance Engineer

   Jun 2010
— May 2012

 Managed maintenance activities encompassing installation, testing, commissioning & maintenance of Bioremediation Water Pump Station, Sewage Pump Station, substation panels of 33kV/3.3kV& 33KV/0.415kV, distribution transformers, motors & capacitor banks.
 Full supervision during the construction inspection, testing commissioning of all activities:
 ~ Installation of 33KV Ring Main Unit (RMU), Auxiliary power Transformer “33/0.415KV”, Standby Power Generator, Automatic Transferring Switch & 415 V Main Distribution board inside their buildings and lay all required cables after excavate the trenches.
 ~ Perform all required testing for RMU, Transformer and MV cables.
 ~ Installation of LV well site auxiliary i.e. Lighting Pole, Earthing system, Inspection, testing and installation of cathodic protection system and Electrical Heat Tracing System for aboveground piping.
 ~ Tie-in the new wells RMU to the existing 33KV Power TL Ring
 Coordinated activities related to calculation of cable, load, lighting systems, setting up Low Voltage Switchgear System.
 Prepared & presented drawing layout of lighting and instrumentations systems. Designed Lightning Protection, Earthing systems prior to onsite implementation.
 Managed short circuit and coordination studies For Low Voltage, straight through joint and heat shrinkable termination for the MV cable (33KV).
 Functioned as Transmission Line engineer field 33KV & 66KV involved in setting up Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP), Transformer, indoor Elastimould termination & outdoor termination for the MV cable. 33KV for Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company Limited (GNPOC)

Jack & Sanoussi Engineering
Electrical Engineer

   Aug 2008
— May 2010

 Evaluated series of electrical applications and systems and formulated research programs to determine their level of efficiency in accordance with professional ethics and standards.
 Designed and implemented Single Line Diagram and installation, testing, commissioning for Pump Stations and installed Low Voltage Switchgear System
 Handled the calculation of cable and load fire fighting system in ATBARA, NYALA and RABAK strategic storage depots.
 Calculated on cable and Earthing, lighting and instrumentations systems.
 Create models and product prototypes with using AutoCAD program and layout of earthing, lighting and instrumentations systems.
 Handled short circuit and coordinated studies for the same power factor correction studies
 Designed Lightning Protection, Lighting Rod, earthing systems and implementation in the field (LPG, Mogas, Gasoil and Water Tanks).
 Designed Cathodic Protection and implementation in the field (Mogas, Gasoil and Water Tanks).
 Designed control system in ATBARA, NYALA and RABAK strategic storage depot owned by ministry of energy and mining (MEM), Sudanese petroleum corporation (SPC).

Dam Implementation Unit
Electrical Engineer

   Jun 2007
— Jun 2008

 Installation of Substation (outdoor) 500 KV/220 KV ,33 KV/ 0.145 KV
 500 KV & 220 KV switch gear (Sf6) Erection and commissioning.
 Handled Transformers erection, testing & commissioning (500 KV/220 KV & 33 KV/0.415 KV).
 Testing of substation Panels 33 KV/ 0.415 KV, distribution transformers.
 Commissioning and checking Transformers, HV cable bas bur and distribution system with measuring equipment’s, trip circuit and alarm system.
 UPS system low voltage system commissioning and operation
 Erection and Testing (CT, VT, Surge Arrester, Earth Switch, Isolator Switch and Earthing System)

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