Senior Mechanical Engineer

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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, French, Spanish


A senior mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in O&M and the execution of EPC projects of Petrochemical and Energy plants.
Besides English language, has a fluent command of French, Spanish and Arabic


Ecole Nationale Polytechnique (University of Algiers)
Master degree in Mechanical engineering (Ingénieur d´Etat, Bac + 5)

   Sep 1981
— Jun 1986

Master degree in Mechanical engineering


HDPE Plant
Senior Consultant: Maintenance & Reliability

   Jun 2017
— Current

Providing expertise and guidance to enhance the Maintenance and Reliability of a Petrochemical plant for the polymerisation of ethylene into high density polyethylene, with main duties:

- Provide technical advice/ assistance to help establishing and implementing robust Maintenance and Reliability programs.
- Recommending facility modifications and upgrades to enhance plant reliability and performance.
- Developing site specific preventive and predictive maintenance programs in concordance with Company’s policy and strategy (Equipment Hour Meter Follow up, Lube Routes, Inspection Routes by Area, Spike Energy and Vibration Analysis Routes on Machinery, Dynamic Balancing, Laser Alignment, Electrical and Process Equipment Thermography Inspections, Ultrasound Inspection…)
- Assist the Maintenance Department for the Planning, Preparation and Execution of annual Shutdowns and planned maintenance activities.
- Provide technical support to the maintenance supervisors, specialists and crafts on difficult equipment repair problems.
- Provide support for CMMS administration supervision: implementation of maintenance processes and routines, management of access rights, validation of modifications, data integration, training of key-users.
- Assess plant needs for spare parts, tools & supplies and recommend a spare parts management strategy
- Advise and make recommendations regarding requirements for environmental, health and safety compliance management
- Develop monitoring programs on major equipment and analyse of critical item failures and advise on remedial measures to be taken
- Develop analysis methods for determining reliability of components, equipment and processes.
- Conduct analysis of reliability problems and investigations to determine the reliability required for the particular situation.
- Coordinating the Root Cause Analysis for major failures.
- Developing and implementing a predictive maintenance based on machine condition monitoring and vibration analysis (Bentley Nevada systems and portable data collectors) and oil analysis.

Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion
Site Warranty Engineer

   Sep 2014
— Dec 2016

O&M 1200 MW – CC Power plant
Koudiet Eddraouch , Al tarf. Algeria

With duties:
- Coordination of the day-to-day activity of the warranties, including response, incident, event. and problem resolution and reporting.
- Substitution of the Warranty Manager during the rotations.
- Interface and communication with the client, partners and subcontractors.
- Participate to the management of the warranty team.
- Coordination and participation to the final performance tests of the different systems and package units.
- Interface and communication with the client for certification and works finalisation approval.
- Preparation and hand over to the client of all the final documentation (operation, quality and start up dossiers).
- Make recommendations to the client regarding requirements for environmental, health and safety compliance management.
- Advise and make recommendations to the Customer’s operations team on the performance and recording of periodic operational checks and tests of plant equipment in accordance with equipment manufacturers’ recommendations and applicable standards.
- Assist the Client to the CMMS implementation and configuration.
- Provide guidance and solutions to the Client for production and maintenance issues.
- Identification of O & M inefficiencies and make recommendations to ensure conformity and efficiency.
- Provide guidance to the client on matter of maintenance organisation and problems solving.
- Develop site specific preventive and predictive maintenance program in coordination with Client´ team members.
- Advise and guide Client to implement a comprehensive set of operations procedures covering all aspects of plant O & M.
- Training the operators of the Client to Root Cause analysis and problem solving.
- Analysis and treatment of de WCR emitted by the Client.
- Develop site inspection for maintenance and operation conformity.
- Preparation of the purchases and service requisitions.

Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion
Site Engineering Manager

   May 2010
— Sep 2014

Construction & Commissioning of a 1200 MW CC power plant
Koudiet Eddraouch, Al tarf. Algeria

As Site Engineering Manager during the erection, commissioning and the start-up of the Power Plant, I was in charge of coordinating the engineering activities and providing guidance and support to on-site activities. With duties:

- Assuring interlocution and communication with client, partners and main subcontractors.
- Meeting with Client representatives to monitor project progress and review issues.
- Liaise with local regulatory authorities (DPM, CTC, ENACT…) in order to ensure legalisation and conformity with local regulations.
- Support the procurement of engineering contracts with local contractors.
- Liaise and co-ordinate activities with Construction, Commissioning, Quality and procurement.
- Lead the on-site engineering multidisciplinary team (engineers from EEAA -Empresarios Agrupados).
- Resolve design issues and documentation discrepancies to ensure conformity and efficiency of on-site executed work.
- Ensuring the availability of the project calculations for the Client and the authorized authority in accordance with the project requirements.
- Carrying out engineering´s activities scheduled to be done on site.
- Participation to the preparation of the commissioning and start up procedures.Elaboration of the executional drawing and specifications of required temporary installations and equipment for the commissioning and start up.
- Lead the Walk down inspection during the systems completion verification.
- Participate in HAZOP and P&ID review meeting with the client.
- Lay-out and support design of cold & small size piping.
- Design and drawing of small additional structural steelwork.
- Routing and supports of additional cable ways.
- Issue the Bill of Material additional of construction activities.
- Resolving interference issues during erection and emitting the opportune modifications.
- Finalization of architectural detail drawings for administrative and industrial buildings of the Central.
- Approbation/Validation of the modifications with the edition of the corresponding drawings.
- Update masters of document.
- Managing and resolving de Non Conformities emitted in site.
- Preparation and compilation of the As-Built documents and drawings.

Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion
Piping & Plant Layout Engineer

   Feb 2009
— May 2010

Detailed engineering of a 1200 MW CC power plant
Madrid - Spain

As a layout engineer during the detailed engineering of the plant , I was in charge of the coordination of the activities of the area, with duties :
- Sizing of pipes and selection of materials
- Planning and Development of plot plan
- Planning and Development of equipment layout
- Planning and Development of piping plant layout
- Preparation of technical specifications for pipes ,valves and fittings
- Evaluation of the offers submitted by the vendors
- Material take off for pipes, valves and Fittings
- Selection and detailing of supports
- Flexibility analysis
- Checking of Isometric drawing.
- Progress monitoring of the 3D modelling.
- Interface and communication with the Client for the approval of the document and specification of the area.

Technical Department Manager

   Aug 2007
— Feb 2009

HDPE plant O&M
Skikda Algeria

Managing and coordinating the activities of the different offices of the department:

- The Engineering Office
- The Product quality & Laboratory analysis
- The Inspection & control Office.
- Documentation & Control doc. Office.

As a department manager, I was Responsible against the direction of all the technical issues of the complex, and the guarantor of the integrity and the quality of the plant. With principal duties & responsibilities:

- Coordinate human and technical resources of the department.
- Ensuring that safety and environmental standards are implemented and respected.
- Ensuring that the plant complies with legal requirements in terms of release to the environment.
- Provide and internal consulting for assessment and improving operational efficiency /performance
- Provide guidance and solutions for production and maintenance problems.
- Define, specify and carry out necessary technical studies in order to propose robust and optimized technical solutions for the Maintenance and Operation of the plant.
- In charged of the effectiveness of the preventive predictive maintenance programs using historical information.
- Collecting and trending equipment failure, reliability, availability, and maintainability data.
- Continual evaluation of the operation and maintenance activities, and periodic updating of policies and procedures.
- Actualisation of the quality manual & Plans of the plant.
- Actualisation of the quality procedures and instructions of the plant.
- Preparation of the procedures and documents in view of the certification of the plant.
- Document control management of the plant.
- Implementation of the ‘best practice’ techniques and new technologies to deliver maximum availability and performance of the plant.

Engineering Office Manager

   Apr 2005
— Aug 2007

Direction, coordination and lead the activities of the engineering office. With principal duties & responsibilities
- Expertise, pre-feasibility studies and planning for refurbishments, modification and new-build projects.
- Provide and internal consulting for assessment and improving operational efficiency /performance
- Provide guidance and solutions for production and maintenance problems by analysing trend and root causes, and proposing new procedures or modifications.
- Providing expert technical guidance on maintenance standards and repair techniques to minimize production losses
- Undertake feasibility studies and identify problems in respect of technical performance of the plant.
- Document control management, up-dating technical documentations
- Identify operational inefficiencies & recommend solution
- Develop technical standards and specification
- Develop and implement formation and training for maintenance and production operators
- Mentor junior engineer.
- Cooperate and closely communicate with process engineers and plan operation team to meet process requirement.
- Evaluation plant performance Recommend Facility modifications and upgrades to enhance plant reliability and performance
- Optimization of plant operation strategies with the aim of achieving lower cost operation and/or increased efficiency and output
- Recommendations to the regarding requirements for environmental, health and safety compliance management

Repsol Quimica & Enip J.V.
Commissioning Engineer – Rotating Equipment

   Jul 2004
— Apr 2005

Commissioning & Start-up of a HDPE plant (130.000 T/y Chevron Phillips process)
Skikda, Algeria.

With principal duties & responsibilities:
- Coordinate human and technical resources.
- Review the test run procedures and operating manuals
- Lead the walk down inspections and control the erection completion of the systems.
- Finalise all the punch lists and ensure that all the pending works have been executed.
- Carry out detailed analysis of plant commissioning needs for spare parts, tools & supplies, generate material requisitions and ensure timely procurement of the same by close coordination with Sourcing.
- Prepare commissioning and start up procedures for the mechanical package t units.
- Prepare the plans and P&ID mark ups necessary for the for pre-commissioning & commissioning.
- Arrange and schedule attendance of specialist contractor and subcontractor manpower as required.
- Ensure that all commissioning activities are executed in accordance with engineering and vendors’ specifications.
- Coordination and supervise the commissioning activities.
- Final reception and performance test.
- Preparation of quality and commissioning dossiers.
- Prepare weekly and monthly progress reports and work completion report (including lessons learned).

Repsol Quimica & Enip J.V.
Mechanical Superintendent

   Nov 1999
— Jul 2004

Construction of a HDPE plant. (130.000 T/y Chevron Phillips process)
Skikda, Algeria.

With principal duties & responsibilities
- Manage, direct and supervise the activities of a team of technicians
- Track daily work and review work plans, activities and resources.
- Ensure all mechanical work meet the requirements of the project specifications and are executed in compliance with safety, quality and environmental standards
- Reception of the material and equipment on site
- Provide solutions, and take an active role in the implementation of actions required to resolve erection problems and preoccupation.
- Monitoring progress and quality of the mechanical erection
- Validate and control, for the mechanical area , the work progress measurement certifications issued by contractors and final work certification
- Ensure compliance of all specifications
- Planning and coordination of erection of mechanical equipment and piping
- Check conformity of piping prefabrication in sub-contractors workshop
- Check mechanical sub-contractors execution of work on site and assure its adherence to the contract.
- Compiles as-built drawings, quality reports and final documents.
- Develop with manufacturers and suppliers procedures and specifications for long time conservation.
- Planning , logging of the activities and supervise the dismantling and overhauling required.
- Spare parts studies and recommendation

Repsol Quimica
Project Engineer

   Aug 1996
— Nov 1999

Detailed engineering - HDPE plant (130.000 T/y Chevron Phillips process)
Madrid Spain.

Project engineer in charge of the mechanical trade, interface directly with the Engineering INTEDRA (U.T.E.- INITEC / DRAGADOS Y CONSTRUCCIONES / TECNICAS REUNIDAS) in Madrid.
Following up the detailed engineering with principal duties & responsibilities
- Review, comment and approbation of the mechanical design drawings and specifications of the project.
- Participate to the preparation of the procedure of inspection and control of mechanical equipment in manufacturer workshop
- Participate to the preparation of the requisition documents and contracts.
- Approbation suppliers and vendors.
- Ensure the coordination of mechanical scope of work with the rest of the trades
- Approval of detailed design detailed engineering specifications
- Manage overall coordination of internal documents
- Review engineering progress.
- Evaluate tender documentation and designs
- Technical meeting with suppliers and approbation of evaluation report.
- Follow up the contract from the kick off meeting to performance test and control in the workshop of manufacturers.

Enip - CP1/K
Senior Methods Engineer

   Jul 1993
— Aug 1996

O&M of a petrochemical complex ( CP1/K) for the production of Ethylene , LDP, VCM and PVC and utilities
Skikda, Algeria

Senior methods engineer within the maintenance management of the petrochemical complex with responsibilities and duties:
- Work with the Maintenance Planner, Reliability and Integrity Engineer, and Operations Team on prioritizing maintenance activities in terms of criticality and identifying job estimate in terms of skills required, number of people, tools, cost, etc. in order to ensure that the maintenance plan is aligned with maintenance budget, and organization needs and priorities
- Handling all routine duties of the maintenance department.
- Accurately record and reporting of all maintenance activities
- Develop site specific preventive and predictive maintenance program in coordination with Production’s team members.
- Assuring that maintenance plans are fully compliant with production targets and long term production system availability and reliability.
- Review and analyse maintenance data history relating to downtime, spares usage and support development of continuous improvement activities and improved equipment maintenance strategies.
- Co-ordinate with planners to ensure planned maintenance activities are scheduled and completed in a timely manner.
- Support equipment failure investigations and co-ordinate 3rd party material failures analysis.
- Carry out failure investigations and recommending improvements in maintenance practices
- Developing maintenance standards, schedules and programs.
- Developing work order, work preparation and repair procedures.
- Developing cost effective preventive and predictive maintenance programs.
- Scheduling maintenance works and allocating resources and labour
- Assembling all the necessary resource for the realisation of the maintenance work and interface with purchasing, stores, operation and engineering.
- Budgetary preparation, inventory control, making spare parts list, ordering of spare and evaluating of quotations.
- Participate to the contracts selection needed for maintenance and inspection during operations by reviewing specifications, evaluating contractors, sectioning contractors and issuing contracts.
- Prepare contract documents and evaluate tenders.
- Investigate mechanical failures or unexpected maintenance problems.
- Identify and correct repetitive failures through analysis of equipment history.

Enip - CP1/K
Condition Monitoring Engineer

   Jan 1990
— Jul 1993

O&M of a petrochemical complex ( CP1/K) for the production of Ethylene , LDP, VCM and PVC and utilities
Skikda, Algeria

In charge of the implantation of the predictive maintenance and providing technical expertise and troubleshooting for the rotating equipment of the petrochemical complex CP1/K, with duties

- Developing and implementing a predictive maintenance based on machine condition monitoring and vibration analysis (Bentley Nevada systems and portables data collectors) and oil analysis.
- Develop on-line monitoring programme on major items of turbo-machinery and analyses all critical failures and advises on remedial measures to be taken
- Provide condition monitoring (portables data collectors & Spike Energy measurement) of all the rotating equipment of the Complex..
- Vibration data analysis, reporting, failure analysis, troubleshooting and developing and implementing solutions.
- Analysis of the data to predict machine failure and methods to prevent reoccurrence.
- Reviews strategical rotating equipment performance and performs reliability/availability analysis and presents regular reviews reports on performance with appropriate suggestions to improve performance and reliability
- Investigation and analysis of mechanical failure.
- Coordinate Root Cause Analysis for Rotating Equipment failures.
- Provides technical advice and guidance to field operators on predictive and preventive maintenance works
- Advise field personal on Lube Routing, dynamic balancing , alignment and inspection.
- Advise on Annuals Outage Planning and Execution .

Enip - CP1/K
Rotating Equipment Engineer

   Sep 1986
— Jan 1990

O&M of a petrochemical complex ( CP1/K) for the production of Ethylene , LDP, VCM and PVC and utilities
Skikda, Algeria

In charge of the maintenance of rotating equipment with tasks and duties:
- Plan and manage preventive and break down maintenance intervention.
- Troubleshooting and quick resolution of rotating equipment events and incidents to ensure production safety and continuity.
- Developing site specific preventive and predictive maintenance programs for rotating equipment.
- Provide technical support to the maintenance supervisor, specialists, and crafts on difficult equipment repair problems.
- Supervise and inspect in site the achievement of maintenance intervention.
- Prepare material, timing estimation, procedures and reports.
- Propose modification to the existing installations to improve the maintainability and the reliability.
- Recommend spare parts and tools for rotating equipment.
- Preparing of drawing and sketches required for the execution of the maintenance activity..
- Ensure compliance of all specifications and the quality and traceability of maintenance jobs.
- Completing maintenance activities to agreed plan and schedule, minimizing unplanned shutdowns

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