Commissioning Supervisor / Shutdown Management Coordinator

Last Updated: 31st May 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification



Leader with focus and commitment to safety, quality, and production in oil and gas development, upstream operations, and gas processing. Subject matter expert in shutdown management systems and oversee roll out and implementation. Strong back ground in maintenance and reliability systems, equipment strategy analysis, optimization review, and implementation.
Oversaw 6 complex shutdowns, coordinated 4 facilities; with 14 simple shutdowns of Orlan offshore platform.
Lead and mentor diverse cross functional team as well as work independently and collaborate with management at all levels.
Expertise in
Leadership and Project Management | Commissioning Start Up | Problem Solving
Lean Thinking | Project Coordination | Progress and KPI Reports | Mentoring


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Inter-Provincial Red Seal Journeyman Millwright

   Sep 1992
— Oct 1996


Shutdown Management Coordinator

   Jan 2012
— Oct 2017

• Implemented ExxonMobil’s shutdown management system (SDMS) and created shutdown SharePoint site, enabling easier planning and better tracking of shutdown progress and costs, making information readily available for management.
• Managed and coordinated safety, security, logistics, engineering, procurement, operations, construction, contractors, planning, scheduling, work scope execution, and cost stewardship, recovering $8.7M in expenses and finishing shutdown at $0.5M under budget and on schedule.
• Optimized and improved equipment availability and reliability between shutdowns by implementing Lean thinking, identifying work that’s required to be done and also through contingency planning for found work, minimizing downtime and production losses.
• Scheduled and led shutdown planning meetings by keeping focused on planning process and identifying and resolving issues, meeting roadmap and functional milestone deadlines set out by management.
• Prepared Gate packages for management update meetings and presented progress reports, identifying possible issues with recommended resolutions to management for sign off and approval to proceed.
• Monitored shutdown progress (planning to execution), ensuring no major shutdown goals were jeopardized, directing deliverables and milestones in line with shutdown planning road map.
• Implemented and managed scope change process, ensuring all scope changes were approved before including in shutdown scope after scope lock.

Commissioning Supervisor / Maintenance Supervisor

   Apr 2009
— Jan 2012

• Mentored diverse team of expatriate and Russian national craftsmen, encouraging commitment and ownership during construction, commissioning, start up, and transition to production operations, developing highly skilled and knowledgeable team of maintenance personnel that maintained high level of safety, quality, and production
• Managed and harmonized contractors, planning, work scope execution, and cost stewardship
• Implemented equipment strategies, M&R system best practices, and stewarded weekly KPI reporting to management, aligning maintenance with ExxonMobils global maintenance and reliability best practice and accurate budget for 5-year plan
• Implemented and oversaw stewardship of operations integrity management system (OIMS), controls integrity management system (CIMS), and field integrity management system (FIMS), aligning production facility with corporate expectations.
• Informed management of issues, resolutions, durations, and costs through asset leadership team reporting.

Mechanical Advisor

   Jan 2005
— Apr 2009

• Troubleshot, analyzed and problem solved design, installation, and operational issues related to turbines, generators, compressors, pumps, piping, and utility systems during construction, commissioning, and start up, providing smooth transition from start up to full production operations.
• Reviewed and optimized equipment strategies and PM plans in SAP, aligning maintenance with ExxonMobils global maintenance and reliability best practice and creating more informed and accurate budget for 5-year plan.
• Acted as competency assurance trainer and assessor of Russian national craftsmen, ensuring highly skilled and qualified craftsmen to maintain equipment after start up.
• Collaborated with operations sponsors and engineers by optimizing equipment through put and increasing daily production rates, meeting or exceeding daily targets
• Reviewed critical equipment, identifying critical spares and eliminating duplicate material masters in SAP. Built RSPL’s recommending min/max stock levels, allowing for available material and maintaining equipment availability and reliability.
• Reduced material costs by sourcing material manufacturers to buy direct from instead of using third party buyers.
• Coordinated and led small projects and field modifications, improving safety, production, and equipment reliability.

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