Document Control Manager / DFO Coordinator

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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
HNC/HND/City & Guilds



Document control manager / DFO Coordinator with 20 years overall experience on major oil & gas and infrastructure projects

Integral in the role of DCM on three EPC LNG projects between Apr '05 and Jun '17 (Longford Gas Conditioning Plant, Papua New Guinea LNG & South Hook LNG) with involvement through all stages of EPC from project kick off to handover.
Responsible for the document control, information management and documents for operations functions
Ultimately achieving the delivery of all project data to the Client for the operation & maintenance of the LNG facilities for the duration of their working lives.

With previous experience gained on airport, telecomms, tunneling and refinery projects in lead positions going back to 1997


Pembrokeshire College
BTEC National Diploma In Electrical & Electronic Engineering

   Sep 1991
— Sep 1992

Neyland College of Engineering
BTEC First Diploma in Engineering

   Sep 1989
— Sep 1991


Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I)
Documents for Operations (DFO) Coordinator

   Dec 2014
— Jun 2017

Longford Gas Conditiong Plant, Victoria, Australia

• Achieved the successful delivery of all project documentation & Engineering data to the Client for the operation & maintenance of the LNG facility during its working lifetime
• Aligned project documentation with Client specifications prior to transfer
• Utilised broad scope of industry knowledge and formulated project procedures for document management and documents for operations (DFO) plan
• Defined a DFO schedule for the final documentation transfer and data handover milestones
• Liaised with the client, project management and all discipline leads to resolve all impending document management and DFO issues
• Proved instrumental in the administration, control, storage and dissemination of documentation in line with project requirements
• Trained and developed members of staff and achieved improvement in their performance
• Organised the establishment and maintenance of the company Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Configuring attributes, numbering templates, folder structures, security settings, tag numbers, system and subsystem numbers.
• Conducted learning and development sessions on EDMS for project members
• Enabled detailed reports tracking all deliverables on the project to ensure contractual milestone payments are met
• Control of the Project Master Document Register (MDR) & Supplier Master Document Register (SMDR) metadata for determination of start-up critical, integrity critical and as-built documentation requirements
• Standardisation of indices for Vendor Mechanical Catalogs (VMC) and Manufacturing Record Books (MRB) to give a consistent and compliant approach to submission of Vendor final data books
• Audits of Subcontractors to ensure ongoing compilation of Fabrication Record Books (FRB) for each scope of work are being compiled in line with QA/QC and Project requirements
• Final QA/QC approval on invoices for vendors to release any retention money held by the Company to enable the close out of purchase orders and payment to the Vendor
• Coordination of the as-built drawing process.
• Coordination with the discipline lead’s to track, check and rectify problems with engineering data handover in the engineering design applications e.g. SmartPlant P&ID, Instrumentation or PDS
• Obtained Document Acceptance Certificates to ensure final acceptance of the documentation by the Clients operating company

Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I)
Document Control Manager

   Feb 2010
— Nov 2014

Papua New Guinea LNG - EPC4, Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

• Spearheaded the final handover process of all DFO deliverables
• Identification off deliverables that constitute the Clients FD categories for DFO
• Established fully functional document control centers in Australia, Singapore and the Southern Highlands of Papua New
• Directed and mentored members of staff, led the multi office project execution and supervised offices for compliance with QA/QC checks
• Authored project procedures for document management and documents for operations (DFO)
• Set up company EDMS and meticulously configured metadata and structure to suit project needs as well as generate key reports for the project team
• Conducted learning and sessions on EDMS for new project members
• Establishment of the MDR & SMDR and all associated metadata in the EDMS using mapping tables to identify all attributes needed by the Client and Company to facilitate DFO activities at final handover and reporting throughout the Project
• Fostered congenial relations with the Client and swiftly resolved issues for seamless working
• Coordination of the compilation of the Vendor Manufacturing Record Books (MRB) & Vendor Mechanical Catalogues (VMC) from Suppliers for compliance for DFO handover in hard and electronic copies.
• Captured all redline drawings from the Site and coordinated the process of making them available to the drafting office for as-built process.
• Compilation of the Fabrication Record Books (FRB’s), Mechanical Completion (MC) Packs, Static Commissioning (SC) Packs and Turn Over Completion Packs (TCP) to the Clients standards regarding strict guidelines on structure
• Compilation of associated metadata for DFO to enable Client to transfer the information into their own EDMS for future use
• Organised meetings and coached subcontractors on requirements for DFO regarding submission of final documentation (FD)
• Final QA/QC approval on invoices for Vendors to release retention money held by the Company to enable the close out of purchase orders and final payment to the Vendor

Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I)
Document Control Manager

   Apr 2005
— Feb 2010

South Hook LNG Import Terminal, UK

• Credited for successfully setting up a fully transparent DCC at the job site
• Efficiently coordinated data through several EDMS in offices based in London, Chicago and Dubai
• Capably handled the demands of time and attention by developing an access database for the revision control, transmission and reporting on the status of all project documentation
• Upheld superior level of expertise executing the Clients document control functions
• Familiarised subcontractors with the project requirements, expectations and ongoing support
• Conceptualised, developed and implemented robust document management procedures for the project
• Projected a polished and professional demeanour during the training and development of document control staff and project management
• Established and maintained strong relations with the Client to ensure all contractual obligations were met
• Leading the home office on the process of project closeout
• Collation and QA/QC review of the manufacturing record books as per the clients requirements
• Comprehensively met and exceeded set targets as well as led the DFO final project handover process in line with the Clients specifications
• Migration all documentation from the project to a new company EDMS for future use

British Airways Authority (BAA)
Document Management Specialist

   Apr 2002
— Apr 2005

Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, UK

• Handover co-coordinator for the Civils, Landside and Site Management & Logistics delivery teams
• Interfacing at all levels within the teams to promote document control and the Single Model Environment (SME) for the project
• Capture all project significant documentation utilising the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), Documentum 4i
• Instruction to all teams on the purpose and practices of the SME
• The final verification and publication of the handover documentation of the Phase OA Aircraft Stands for Airside Civils, the handover of Twin Rivers Diversion for Landside Campus and the co-ordination of the handover of the Pollution Control System for the Water Engineering team.
• Control of all documentation & drawings throughout their review and approval life cycle for the teams, using EDMS Documentum 4i
• First point of contact for the teams regarding problems with or queries about the Documentum system. Also responsible for the application of changes to security settings, permissions, ownership rights etc. within the system
• Review and approval of document management procedures for the project
• Mentoring document management team on the implementation of project procedures and use of project EDMS
• Liaison between external suppliers and the project to ensure suppliers understand the requirements of the project

Lead Document Control

   Mar 2001
— Apr 2002

Pangea Network 1 & Crown Castle International, UK

• Simultaneously leading teams of document controllers on both projects
• Coordination of a full set of deliverables to the client to allow the 18 Points of Presence buildings throughout Europe to become operational for the Pangea Network 1 project
• Establishment of a fully functioning DCC in the Crown Castle offices after close consultation with the client on their specific requirements
• Implementation of ProjectNet as the chosen EDMS for the office

Lead Document Control

   Feb 2000
— Mar 2001

German Network Development Project, Germany

• Control of documents and drawings throughout their project life cycle up to as-built status
• Identification and implementation of metadata for the project EDMS
• Collation of the initial plant commissioning reports, operation & maintenance manuals and test & accept documentation
• Liaised between local authorities to enable rights of ways permits and supporting documentation to be submitted and approved
• Coordinated the redline / as-built process
• Handover of a full set of deliverables as per the contract requirements

Lead Document Control

   Nov 1999
— Feb 2000

Section One of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link

• Tracking, logging and issuing of all documentation between Rail Link Engineering (RLE) and vendors
• Maintained filling system for all drawings and documentation
• Maintaining company EDMS, regularly reviewing metadata and security setting for accuracy
• Distribution of all documentation both internally and externally via transmittal
• Utilising Infoworks for project members and vendors to have access to project documentation
• Archiving of project documentation

Lead Document Control

   Oct 1997
— Nov 1999

Ras Tanura Oil Refinery Upgrade, UK

• Established and maintained engineering files and drawing control system
• Transmittal of documentation both internally and externally using the company EDMS
• Collation of all vendor documentation
• Creation and delivery of an entire set of Manufacturing Record Books (MRB’s) and Project Record Books (PRB’s) as per the contractual requirement

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