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November 2016

Welcome To The Property Newsletter For November

This new information source introduces you to the world of property purchase at home and overseas.

In this edition we consider a rush by foreign buyers into the Dubai property opportunity and a report on a buoyant buy-to-let market in the UK.

We also guide you through the processes of buying property in Italy.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter. I welcome your thoughts on other topics you would like us to cover. Or do you have your own tale to tell or question to ask about property? Let me know.

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Nigel Ayres

Expat Network

Capital Consulting

Big Spend By Foreign Buyers Of Dubai Property

As a collection of seven separate emirates, there are some differences between emirates in the rules and procedures for buying property in the UAE. Here we are focussing on Dubai, where buyers from India, the UK and Pakistan make up the three largest overseas contingents. The market is certainly buoyant.

Buoyant Buy-To-Let In UK

The UK buy-to let market for expats appears to be thriving, according to one lender, despite the introduction of a stamp duty levy on buy-to-let properties and the removal of interest rate relief for landlords.

In a survey, 35% of expats cited long-term investment as their main reason for investing in UK buy-to-let. Other reasons included pension planning, a desire to remain invested in UK property, rental income, and difficulties or reluctance to buy in their country of residence.

Buying Property In Italy

There is no restriction on buying property in Italy and it has some of the most breathtakingly beautiful older property in the world, at surprisingly cheap prices (especially if you’re up for a bit of renovating).

In Italy you generally do not need a lawyer because the agent and the notary are both working for you, the buyer as well as the seller, and are legally bound and professionally indemnified to conduct the sale fairly. With the notary knowing the law and the agent knowing the property intimately, all angles should be covered.

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