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February 2017

Welcome To The Property Newsletter For February

Welcome to the Expat Network Property Newsletter for February. This information source introduces you to the world of property purchase at home and overseas.

In this edition we consider if we should consider Italy an idyll for property buyers and whether Malta’s property tax breaks can attract you to a life in the Med.

We also guide you through the processes of buying property in Spain.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter. I welcome your thoughts on other topics you would like us to cover. Or do you have your own tale to tell or question to ask about property? Let me know.

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Nigel Ayres

Expat Network

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An Italian Idyll For Property Buyers?

Featuring high on the list of Britons’ favourite retirement destinations, Italy has a hugely varied property market for you to choose from in mountains, fertile valleys and coasts. It is best to begin your home search in Italy as early as possible. Although good housing is available, it may take some time to find the most agreeable situation - for example, ample space, proximity to amenities, the views you seek.

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There are numerous reasons why people consider buying property in Switzerland. It is arguably the world’s ultimate ‘safe haven’ offering political, legal and economic stability as well as the stable Swiss franc, a traditional store of value. Add in Switzerland’s high quality of life, low crime rates, low taxes, outstanding construction, superior education and medical facilities and it is not hard to understand why a Swiss property is such a desirable asset.

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Malta In The Med: Home To Property Tax Breaks

The small Mediterranean islands of Malta is proving attractive to property buyers and features tax advantages to those who come to live, invest in a home and retire. Having registered the highest GDP growth rate in Europe in 2015 and the fourth lowest unemployment rate in the EU, Malta is making a name for itself which extends far beyond its reputation for sandy beaches, clear waters and lots of sunshine.

Buying Property In Spain

Step one in buying in Spain is to get your professionals lined up and ready. That should certainly include a lawyer who is independent of the estate agent or developer whose property you are viewing, who is qualified and who is a specialist in Spanish property and land law, known as urbanismo. It is also sensible to have made enquiries about a surveyor in your chosen area, and it could save you money if you have a currency specialist lined up too.

Your Free Guide To Living In Spain

Your Guide To Living In Spain by Expat Network provides guidance on the issues you will need to address as you plan your move, whether that is to retire, buy a second property or simply enjoy a whole new life in Spain. Your Guide To Living In Spain (priced £4.99 on Amazon) is available to download, free of charge.

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