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Expat Money Newsletter - October 2016

Expat Money: Pensions For Expats

Welcome to the Expat Money Newsletter for October. We are once again focusing on the personal finance issues that matter to you as an expat, or would-be expat.

In this month’s edition we focus on pensions for expats, especially in light of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

We also examine the best savings rates available in offshore banking, and introduce a new expat healthcare information service.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter. I welcome your thoughts on other topics you would like us to cover. Or do you have your own tale to tell or question to ask about expat money? Let me know.

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Iain Yule

Editorial & Publishing Director
Expat Network

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Pensions For Expats 1: Looking To Transfer Your Expat Pension?

Expat Tax 1: British Expats Should Keep Records

Expats generally have the right to transfer their pension abroad into a qualifying scheme. For some, the benefits of doing so are manifold. However, there are risks, and it’s fair to say that you need to tread very carefully when considering all your options.

Pensions For Expats 2: The Brexit Effect

Expat Tax 2: Beware UK Stamp Duty Hike

An area of concern for British expats is how the UK’s decision to leave the EU will affect their pensions. How could Brexit affect your state pension? And what about registered pension schemes and qualifying overseas pension schemes (QROPS)?

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Questions On Expat Healthcare? New Help Here

Expat Tax 2: Beware UK Stamp Duty Hike

A new website, www.expathealthcare.com, provides fully-independent answers to the many questions you may raise as an expat about making sure you are healthy - and have proper insurance cover - while overseas.

Expathealthcare.com is a resource you can use to find out all about healthcare and insurance cover for expats, what you need to know and where to find assistance.

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Your Expat Money Questions Answered

Brexit And Expat Pensions

If you have a question about your expat personal finances, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Our expert expat money panel is ready to answer any questions you have. They recently assisted an expat reader with a query about his offshore pension.

Brexit And Expat Pensions

Short-Term Health Cover For Contractors

Expat Tax 3: The US Foreign Bank Account Rules

Policies from international insurance broker Bellwood Prestbury now offer contractors the option of taking out health cover for periods of three, six, nine or 12 months, rather than always having to take out annually-renewable policies. All International Contractors Plan policies are renewable and may be extended without re-underwriting, subject to there being no break in cover.

Need for Medical Insurance
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Best Savings Rates In Expat Banking

Brexit And Expat Pensions

The best current offering for sterling offshore savers is Standard Bank’s 1.4%, if you have £10,000 and can give 196 days’ notice of withdrawals.

For dollars, Standard Bank pays 1% for $10,000 or more, with 196 days’ notice. Standard Bank is also best for euros, paying 0.15% for €10,000 or more, with 196 days’ notice.

The only wat to get better rates is to lock your money away for longer. Standard Bank offers 1.99% for £10,000 deposited for 18 months.

Brexit And Expat Pensions

Buoyant Buy-To-Let In UK

The UK buy-to let market for expats appears to be thriving, according to one lender, despite the introduction of a stamp duty levy on buy-to-let properties and the removal of interest rate relief for landlords.

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Moving To Nigeria - Four Things You Should Know

If you are planning to relocate to Nigeria, make sure you are well informed about different aspects of the country in order to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Christopher Nye Guides
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Doing Business Effectively Around The World

How The UK Budget Affects Expats

An online service aims to make it easier for you to conduct business effectively as an expat in different parts of the world. GlobeSmart is a resource to assist you to fit into unfamiliar business environments.

How The UK Budget Affects Expats

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Take Care Buying Business Abroad

The Autumn edition of Expat Living magazine is now available to read completely free of charge. You can learn about life in China and Italy, property purchase in North America, whether you are properly insured, and why an offshore bank account may be useful.

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