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Expat Money Newsletter - January 2018

Welcome to the first Expat Money Newsletter in 2018. British expats, even if out of the country for a long time, can still be liable to be taxed in the UK. Ahead of the filing deadline, make sure you have no tax to pay – or fill in a return. Expat Network’s online Service Directory includes companies to assist with your life overseas. This month we profile Tax Services.

British Expats And The Statutory Residence Test

Expat Tax 1: British Expats Should Keep Records

Tax residence is not an issue that most of give much thought to. As a British taxpayer you are subject to tax on your worldwide income and any capital gains unless you are not UK resident. So when you spend all or part of the year abroad the issue comes in to sharp relief as it can be fundamental to whether we are liable to UK tax or not. The Statutory Residence Test (“SRT”) determines whether you will be liable for UK income tax.

UK Expats: Does The Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline Affect You?

Expat Tax 2: Beware UK Stamp Duty Hike

As the UK tax deadline looms, SimpleTax, from GoSimple Software helps you to assess your income over the tax year and builds a model of what you owe, where it comes from, and how obscure expat legislation can take effect. SimpleTax’s algorithms are constantly updated to reflect the state of UK expat law; furthermore, it can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world, since it’s a cloud-based web and mobile app.

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Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax

Expat Tax 1: British Expats Should Keep Records

Are you non-resident for UK tax purposes and own UK residential property? If so, did you know that if you sell your UK property you have an obligation to file a Non Resident Capital Gains Tax Return (NRCGTR) within 30 days of conveyance?

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Best Savings Rates In Expat Banking

France Guide

The best current offering for sterling offshore savers is Skipton International’s 1.25%, if you have £10,000 and can give 200 days’ notice of withdrawals.

You can beat this rate if you can leave your savings untouched for three years. Skipton International offer 1.5% annually over this period for a £10,000 minimum.

For dollars, Standard Bank pays 1.05% for $10,000 or more, with 196 days’ notice.

Saudi Arabia and UAE Introduce 5% VAT

The Middle East has long been associated with tax-free living, but from January 1st United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia 5% VAT on most goods and services.

The introduction of VAT follows the recommendation from the IMF that oil-exporting countries in the Gulf introduce taxes as one way to raise non-oil revenue. Forbes reports that although it threatens to slow economic growth at a time when it is already sluggish, the UAE is expected to raise around $3.3 billion from the tax.

Pensions Apartheid Is Keeping Expats Trapped In The Past

Expat Tax 2: Beware UK Stamp Duty Hike

Patrick Hosking, the Financial Editor of The Times, sets out the pensions anomaly faced by British expats due to the UK’s two-tier approach to indexation of pensions.

Depending on where you retire to your pension may be ‘frozen’ and not have the benefit of the ‘triple lock’.

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With Weak Pound, Expats Are Keeping The Rural Property Market Alive

Expat Tax 1: British Expats Should Keep Records

Hugh Graham writing in The Sunday Times sets out how the weakness in the sterling rate as a result of Brexit is enabling expats to snap up bargains and buy their dream home in the country back in the UK.

The statistics support the anecdotal evidence that this is having an impact on the market.

Expat Living – Winter Edition

France Guide

See the latest Expat Living magazine. How easy is it to live and work in the US? Which is the best way to send foreign currency? Oil brings foreign workers to Azerbaijan - what are conditions like? Risks are increasing - are you prepared & protected for moving abroad?

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