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Your Expat Living E-Magazine is Here

The new Spring edition of Expat Network’s e-magazine Expat Living is now available.

Your Guide to Overseas Mortgages

Gateway To The USA: America is open for business and able to attract expats! Head For Hong Kong: Plan a move to ‘China offshore’! Managing Expat Money: Learn to save and invest tax-efficiently as an expat.

This month we have brought together a range of features and news which address the expat experience, whether you are heading for Hong Kong, or seeking a gateway to USA.

We also look at property prospects if you are considering a move to the Med and examine ways you can manage your expat money, together with news of the latest job vacancies abroad.

We hope you enjoy the magazine, and would like to wish you the best from everyone at the Expat Network team!

Open Expat Living Summer Magazine

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